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Subject: [boost] [interest] Is there interest in planar angle library ?
From: Matus Chochlik (chochlik_at_[hidden])
Date: 2014-06-17 16:12:51


I would like to gauge interest in adding a very lightweight library
implementing a class for handling planar angles and related operations to

The library sources and several examples of usage can be found here:

It does not conform to Boost conventions yet, nor is there any
documentation, but the library is very simple to use:

There is a template angles::angle<T> representing planar angles, using type
T to store the angle value in radians. Conversions for 10 common angle
units are included and new units can easily be added. The library also
implements construction functions and user-defined literal operators
allowing to specify angles in various units and also implements overloads
of functions like sin, cos, etc.

The only external header that this library includes is standard `cmath`.

Here follow some examples of usage:

using namespace angles;

for(angle<double> a; a < 4_turns; a += 45_deg)
        std::cout <<<unit::degree>() << std::endl;

for(angle<double> a=-quarters(2); a <= quarters(2); a += gradians(50))
        std::cout <<<unit::turn>() << std::endl;

for(angle<double> a; a < turns(1); a += degrees(15))
        std::cout << sin(a) << std::endl;

assert(turns(1) == quarters(4));
assert(degrees(90) == gradians(100));
assert(degrees(45) == quarters(0.5));
assert(degrees(2) == minutes(120));
assert(minutes(4) == seconds(240));
assert(degrees(1) == seconds(3600));
assert(turns(0.5) == gradians(200));
assert(pi(1) == quarters(2));

assert( 3_o_clock == 90_deg);
assert( 6_o_clock == 200_gon);
assert( 7_o_clock == 210_deg);
assert( 9_o_clock == 300_gon);
assert(11_o_clock == 1_turns - 30_deg);
assert(12_o_clock == 2_pi);

Please let me know if you are interested in the 'Boostification' of this
library or if you have any ideas on how it could be improved.

Best regards,


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