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Subject: Re: [boost] Boost Library Incubator recommended by steering committee
From: Klaim - Joël Lamotte (mjklaim_at_[hidden])
Date: 2014-06-18 03:17:20

On Wed, Jun 18, 2014 at 6:32 AM, Robert Ramey <ramey_at_[hidden]> wrote:

> > ps. Robert must have put some crafty code into the website - right now
> > it manages to reliably blow out my Firefox (-;
> The whole wordpress/php/html/jquery/javascript/css/xml/xslt thing is much
> messier
> than C++ (really - unbelievable but true). Then wordpress has a very
> sophisticated and hard to understand method of plug-ins. Then there's
> thousands of plug-ins to choose from. I used 12 (so far) I probably tried
> 40 to select these 12. Quality is all over the place.
> Then you can only verify that the thing works through experimentation.
> There really is no other way. It's amazing it works at all.
> Note that there is a section "About" where you can post suggestions
> regarding
> the website itself. crashing firefox would be interesting to know.

By the way there is indeed a lot of problems from my pov and I was thinking
(by experience) that if you
want this kind of website/application, you probably want to stay away from
wordpress... but then you'll have to develop a bit.
Certainly worth it but I can't help with that so I understand the Wordpress
choice (even if I think in the end it will be more time burnt than help).

A few issues I saw yesterday (using Chrome):
 - it's not clear where I should report, the "contact the author" have no
 - the library list by category is empty for me (I see a page with header
and all the theme but no content);
 - if I click on a library name in the alphabetical library list, I end up
in a "Library Submission" page which have all the fields pre-filled
   with the library information but still modifiable. It is not clear to me
if this is a voluntary hack to display these info without having
   to implement another page or if it is just a bug and it should have been
another page. In any way; the "Library Submission" title
   and the writable fields makes it seems buggy.
- having the front page text stretch all the width of the screen makes it
very hard to read, both because it makes too long lines
  and because there is no space between the left and right border and the
text itself. This is against text ergonomic "rules"
  and I should point that even scientific studies seem to suggest that too
long lines makes it hard to read.
  Just in case, I don't believe that asking the user to change his window's
size to read that particular website is reasonable.
  By the way this problem is also apparent in a lot of Boost libraries
documentation and I do still have a hard time with reading most
  boost doc because of this.

In any way, thanks for the hard work; I know it's not easy to setup this
kind of tool correctly.

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