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Subject: Re: [boost] Boost.Pipeline -- scheduling of segments
From: Benedek Thaler (thalerbenedek_at_[hidden])
Date: 2014-07-09 13:33:44

> Purely for the fun, it took me a few minutes to write such pipeline, a
simple version using a thread for every stage, then one with work stealing.
> There are a tons of stuff to improve, for example strings should be moved
but I hope you get the idea.
> Now one "just" needs to write the syntactic sugar to have beautiful

Well, if it's possible to use as many threads as there are segments
(transformation), then I think it's a fairly easier problem. Making it
possible for a thread to alternate between segments is something
interesting. (Please correct me if I misunderstood your solution)

Regarding work stealing: I don't know how does it work, but is the order of
the input stable across segments?

> We almost certainly are meaning different things. I meant something like:
> auto p = Paragraphs << TextFile << HTMLFile << ""
> Paragraphs::Words::iterator it=p[4].match("Niall");
> while(it)
> std::cout << "'Niall' found at offset " << it->offset << std::endl;

I think this demand driven computing is not something I'm aiming at, but it
can approximated. The goal of my design is to provide a low-latency
pipeline with acceptable throughput (or a high throughput one with
acceptable latency); data driven nature serve this better IMO.

Hartmut, thanks for the HPX example, I haven't got the time to analyze it

Currently, I'm experimenting with coroutines, I think (hope) there is a way
we could provide an interface like this:

void duplicate(int input, queue_back<int>& output)

push_or_yield enqueues the element, or if the queue is full: the coroutine
yields and tries to enter the monitor of the downstream task. If it's
already taken, pick another task. If there is no such task, block until a
task becomes available. (or spin on the previous task a bit)

I think this would have nice (configurable) latency characteristics.

Thanks for the intense discussion,

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