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Subject: Re: [boost] [review] Last day for formal review for Sort library
From: DUPUIS Etienne (e.dupuis_at_[hidden])
Date: 2014-11-20 10:32:35


I do not intend to send a formal review but I nevertheless compiled and
executed the provided test code, with clang 3.5. I added timings and
confirmed that in the provided test case, this sort is significantly
faster than std::sort() provided by the latest Linux Mint distribution.

To the author, I would suggest two very minor issues :

1. There are compiler warnings that can easily be avoided (seen with
'-Wunused-parameter' and '-Wold-style-cast').
2. In string_sort_test.cpp, tests are performed using an array of 32
elements. 10 000 or more should make a more convincing test.

I have also seen in the documentation that samples are available.
Indeed, they are in git. However, I would appreciate samples in the
documentation, without any useless I/O code (useless to understand how
to use the sort functions).

For example, taken from 'keyplusdatasample.cpp' :

// --------------- Start of code snippet ------------------------

struct DATA_TYPE {
     int key;
     std::string data;
struct lessthan {
     inline bool operator()(const DATA_TYPE &x, const DATA_TYPE &y) const
         return x.key < y.key;

struct rightshift {
     inline int operator()(const DATA_TYPE &x, const unsigned offset) {
         return x.key >> offset;

std::vector<DATA_TYPE> array;
integer_sort(array.begin(), array.end(), rightshift(), lessthan());

// --------------- End of code snippet ------------------------
Having concise code snippets like the above in the documentation is in
my opinion the best way to have users quickly understand how the library
must be used.

I would also like to see one or two more example using "complex" data
types. Consider for example :

// --------------- Start of code snippet ------------------------
struct Md5Sum {
     uint8_t bytes[16];

     bool operator<(const Md5Sum& md5) const {
         for (int k = 0; k < 16; k++)
             if (bytes[k] < md5.bytes[k])
                 return true;
        return false;

// --------------- End of code snippet ------------------------
After reading your documentation and the provided samples, I understand
that I should use string_sort() after defining some get_char() and
get_length() functions. Am I right ?

Another example, sorting by birth data and then by name :

// --------------- Start of code snippet ------------------------
struct Id {
     std::string name;
     time_t birth;

     bool operator<(const Id& id) const {
         return (birth < id.birth) || ((birth == id.birth) && (name <;

// --------------- End of code snippet ------------------------
Again, I understand that I must use string_sort and split the birth date
into 8-bit components. Am I right ?

These samples are important as there is probably much more people
sorting structures than simple integers.


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Objet : [boost] [review] Last day for formal review for Sort library

>Today is the last day for the formal review of the Sort library by
>Steven Ross, which started November 10.
>We have had some great discussions and reviews so far and I would like
>to thank everybody involved, but as always we need more formal reviews.
>If you need any delay for your review after today, please contact me at
>'eldiener at tropicsoft dot com' and I will take your review into
>account if given within a reasonable period of time after today.
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