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Subject: Re: [boost] List of C++ 11 only Boost libraries and their status?
From: Niall Douglas (s_sourceforge_at_[hidden])
Date: 2014-11-24 16:00:04

On 24 Nov 2014 at 7:20, Hartmut Kaiser wrote:

> > For C++ Now 2015 I am intending to present an overview of C++ 11 only
> > Boost libraries in the review queue or very near the review queue by
> > the time of the conference. I'd appreciate help filling in missing
> > gaps in this list:
> *snipped list*
> Technically, all libraries in Boost are C++11. What's your point?

C++ 11 *only* Boost libraries. As in, absolutely requires C++ 11 and
cannot possibly work with less.

What's the point? Well, given the theme of C++ Now 2015, I thought it
might be interesting to do a quick overview of C++ 11 only Boost
libraries which are at or nearing review. My current hypothesis is
that there are probably three categories of C++ 11 only Boost

Type 1: Could be or were implemented in C++ 03, but enormous gains in
simplicity/maintenance costs/performance/utility was gained by a
rewrite into C++ 11/14.

Type 2: Would not be possible without C++ 11/14, as in, simply could
not be implemented in C++ 03 no matter what.

Type 3: Probably could be ported to C++ 03 with some effort and not
especially terrible consequences, but hasn't happened yet/isn't the
demand/couldn't be bothered.

If this hypothesis is true, then what are the killer C++ 11/14
features in Type 1 libraries which have most commonly been used? For
Type 2 libraries, are they self similar and all follow a theme, or
are they completely different?

As with last year, I was going to write up an academic paper on the
topic, and present a 90 minute review of its findings during C++ Now.
Some may find it interesting. I personally am looking forward to
doing the empirical research if the talk is accepted, I think I am
going to learn a thing or two.


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