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Subject: [boost] Release sponsorship (was: Re: Boost 1.58 schedule available?)
From: Niall Douglas (s_sourceforge_at_[hidden])
Date: 2015-01-22 11:45:08

On 21 Jan 2015 at 15:23, Robert Ramey wrote:

> Maybe it's time for some new ideas? Perhaps we can create a "Release
> Sponsorship" program whereby a company which really believes needs the
> updated "integrated" release can sponsor it with a cash contribution. The
> release would carry naming rights so a company with name like "survey
> monkey" could call it the "monkey" release with a link to it's website.
> Bidding would start at $1000 with 50% going into the Boost General fund
> and %50 going into the release manager's general fund.
> Certainly if having the newest integrated release isn't worth $1000 to
> any company on the whole planet, it's not worth a release manager's time
> to deal with all the hassle making and distributing a new release.

You probably were being tongue in cheek Robert, but if not then this
might be the second time we are in complete agreement this week! Next
thing might be pigs flying!

Regarding releases, they are highly disruptive to the develop branch
as basically one has to down tools on feature work and spend an age
iterating fixing up master branch such that all the other master
branches in all the other submodules play well together on all
supported platforms. For quickly moving libraries such as Thread, I
can see four weeks per release being lost. Increasing release
frequency increases that cost substantially.

Hence I do wish there was a facility for sponsors to sponsor a merge
of develop to master. If this had been the case for Boost.Test, would
its develop branch have remained unmerged for so many years? No, I
think someone would have done the merge if $5000 were on the table
for it.

Also, I think there is some scope for some libraries to be released
quicker than Boost central. One could target the last released major
Boost release - now we have git submodules, one simply swaps out the
module and rebuilds the headers and docs.

Unofficially in AFIO I have been supporting combining it with any
Boost release since the first modularised one. It has macro logic
which adjusts what it does according to the Boost version it detects.
I may drop that support at some point, but it's food for thought.


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