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Subject: Re: [boost] [type_traits] Rewrite and dependency free version
From: Stephen Kelly (hello_at_[hidden])
Date: 2015-02-03 17:44:19

Robert Ramey wrote:

> Stephen Kelly-2 wrote
>> What way would boost headers be grouped together to make use of that?
>>> As far as I can tell, my proposal for "bridging headers" is the only
>>> credible specific one suggested so far.
>> Erm, no. You pre-rejected any proposal based on splitting anything
>> sensible
>> out of the serialization repo.
> The only thing I recall along this lines was something about "splitting
> out"
> xml?_archives. It didn't include enough details for me to consider it
> credible.

You reported that you are opposed to any splitting of the serialization
repo. There are many ways to split it. You're opposed, and you reject any
proposal based on splitting even before it is made. There's no way anyone
can get past that barrier.

Also, as I wrote before, you must see the problem before talking about a
solution with you is worth anyones time.

>> There's no reason to discuss anything which is pre-rejected.
> There's no reason to discuss anything that isn't really a proposal but
> rather a vague idea.

You have to see the problem before talking about a solution with you is
worth anyones time.

You don't see the problem.

>> Does your proposal break the cycle which serialization participates in?
> I've looked at the reports and I'm not aware of any cycles. Feel free to
> point out
> any of these. I would be curious about this.

You are very tiresome. You've been part of threads discussing the cycle.

>> If it doesn't, then my comment on your proposal is: choose a solution
>> which
>> solves the cycle. If it does, please point that out.
> In my views cycles aren't an issue. The shouldn't exist and if they do
> they
> should be fixed. I'm wondering if we're thinking the same thing when we
> use the word "cycle".

Very tiresome.

> d) now when he builds, he finds that he has to download/install the whole
> serialization library even though it's not calling functions in it.

Boost is monolithic. You get and you get all libraries.

Developer has no problem until you decide to modularize (hasn't happened
yet!) and make modular releases which have dependencies. Is that a goal or



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