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Subject: Re: [boost] [TypeSort] Automatic type sorting
From: Louis Dionne (ldionne.2_at_[hidden])
Date: 2015-03-21 22:42:47

Mathias Gaunard <mathias.gaunard <at>> writes:

> On 20/03/2015 19:44, Louis Dionne wrote:
> > It's essentially the same thing than with MPL/Fusion, except there's a bit
> > more syntactic sugar because of C++14 features. Also, this example showcases
> > how low the syntactic cost of the MPL/Fusion unification is. The only place
> > where we need to bridge between types and values is
> >
> > using tuple = decltype(
> > hana::unpack(sorted_types, hana::template_<hana::_tuple>)
> > )::type;
> >
> > which is (IMO) not too cumbersome.
> I find it very clear and nice to read (much nicer than the MPL code),
> except for that final tuple_t to _tuple conversion.
> I had to read through the documentation to understand this bit, though I
> suppose something like a transform with [](auto t) { return
> make<typename decltype(t)::type>(); } would have worked too?

First, I am glad you find it pleasing to read. Regarding the final
tuple_t to _tuple conversion, here is what happens. This is not
directed towards you in particular, but to anyone else reading
this who haven't read the docs:

First, `unpack` is basically the equivalent to `apply` from the
Fundamentals TS. It applies a tuple of arguments to a function.
For example, given a sequence [x1, ..., xn]:

    unpack([x1, ..., xn], function) == function(x1, ..., xn)

Second, `template_<F>` is a function object whose arguments are
Types and which returns a Type. This works well with the intuition
that C++ templates are nothing more than functions on types. Hence,

    template_<_tuple>(type<T1>, ..., type<Tn>) == type<_tuple<T1, ..., Tn>>

The final twist is that a type<T> is a nullary metafunction in the MPL
sense of the word. Hence,


is the same as T. In our example, this gives us:

    decltype(type<_tuple<T1, ..., Tn>>)::type

which is the same as

    _tuple<T1, ..., Tn>

Finally, as you suggest, creating the tuple would have been possible with

    transform(sorted_types, [](auto t) {
        using T = typename decltype(t)::type;
        return make<T>();


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