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Subject: [boost] [fiber, afio, dl, bindlib, expected, hana, tick, fit, simd, dispatch] Checking my shortlist of upcoming Boost C++ 11/14 librari
From: Niall Douglas (s_sourceforge_at_[hidden])
Date: 2015-04-02 20:57:10

Dear Boost,

I've spent the last few days reviewing the shortlist of C++ 11/14
libraries as suggested in this thread which
appear closest to entering Boost as per the rules in my C++ Now

1. The library must be C++ 11/14 only. As in, no C++ 03 compilation

2. The order chosen shall be the closest to entering Boost in
March/April (i.e. now), so already in Boost, approved to enter Boost,
in the formal review queue, approaching the formal review queue.

sjYK Ji w&authuser=0 you will hopefully find a traffic light
dashboard spreadsheet (I tried posting a PNG here, it was refused).
In it is shown the current state, as estimated by fallible me from a
cursory glance at the library, for various measures of the library.
Errors are entirely possible, hence me asking here before I make a
fool of myself.

List members may be as surprised as I was to learn that most of the
upcoming libraries require C++ 14. They are also universally
standalone from Boost, being about as weakly dependant as is possible
and still be called a Boost library. That was a big surprise to me as
well. Another surprise was the dislike of Boost.Test - a lot of
libraries don't use it, indeed can't use it. And finally, almost
everyone uses Travis CI, though not valgrind memcheck for leak
detection nor coveralls for unit test coverage.

The first category is libraries already in the formal review queue or
better. These are:

Fiber, AFIO, Dl.

The second category is libraries where the authors have been visible
enough for me to review the library and score it onto the dashboard.
These are:

BindLib, Expected, Hana, Tick, Fit.

... of which BindLib, Expected and Hana are the most "Boost ready" by
my estimation.

I still haven't reviewed Sqlpp11, SIMD, Dispatch, Range v3, Spirit X3
nor Proto 0x. The main reason why not is that I would never use any
of those libraries in any work I expect to do anytime in the next
five years.

That's quite unfair to those libraries, but I have another big
reason: I'm also hesitant to review libraries covered by their
authors also present at C++ Now, or have presented on them in the
past, as it won't add value plus I probably wouldn't know what I'm
talking about compared to them so that removes Expected?, Hana, SIMD,
Dispatch, Range v3, Spirit X3 and Proto 0x.
Which leaves a shortlist of:

Fiber, AFIO, Dl, BindLib, maybe Expected, maybe Tick and Fit.

I think SIMD and Dispatch have been presented on before at C++ Now
right? Could anyone also very quickly summarise the main differences
in their C++ 11 only rewrite? I think I remember it was mainly
compilation speed rather than doing anything unusually C++ 11 only?


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