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Subject: [boost] [OpenOffice] [Boost_Document_Library] [GSoC'15] Unable to compile and run the examples in the OpenOffice SDK
From: Abhinav Tripathi (ee130002001_at_[hidden])
Date: 2015-04-22 12:05:27

I know this question should be sent to OpenOffice forum. I sent it to their
dev list but did not get any response so i am mailing it here in hope to
get a response.
I downloaded The OpenOffice 4.1.1 deb files and Sdk 4.1.1 deb file...
I used dpkg from command line to install all the deb files.. They got
installed in /opt/openoffice4 and Sdk in /opt/openoffice4/sdk
I had to use deb files from the website because i couldn't download it from
the apt-get... It showed errors like could not find...
I am Using Ubuntu 14.10!
When i tried to compile any example in
/opt/openoffice4/sdk/examples/DevelopersGuide/ProfUNO/ i got many errors..
To overcame some of these i did :
1. copied all files from /opt/openoffice4/sdk/bin/ to my root folder /bin/
because the error said /bin/cppumaker : command not found
2. Used a conf file to load all libraries in linux linker cache... using
      sudo ldconfig
    because g++ showed error that was not found!
3. copied the types.rdb file from sdk folder to my root folder / because it
said something about registries not loaded.
4. made a few variables in the makefile like OO_SDK_HOME, JAVA_HOME,
JAVA_BIN to allow compilation...
5. Made folder for each example in
/opt/openoffice4/sdk/LinuxExamples.out/bin folder because g++ always gave
the error that the there was no file or folder of the name of the example
that i was compiling.
Now, i am able to compile the examples but when i try to run them with :
or anything like that then again i am getting errors regarding command not

cd ../../../../LINUXexample.out/bin && office_connect
/bin/sh: 1: office_connect: not found
Makefile:100: recipe for target '' failed
make: *** [] Error 127

I think it is because of this line in the makefile : $(OUT_BIN)/%$(EXE_EXT)
cd $(subst /,$(PS),$(OUT_BIN)) && $(basename $@)

I have no experience of Makefiles and also i am new to openoffice sdk... I
am guessing that these errors are happening beacause i installed the
packages manually from dpkg instead of using apt-get...
Also, i did use setsdkenv_unix once but i think it didnt work as expected
as the variables in Makefile are NOT set..
It took me nearly a week to figure out these errors and now my patience is
wearing out. I know that there has to be an elegant solution to this
problem. Please help!

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