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Subject: Re: [boost] AFIO review response
From: Pete Bartlett (pete_at_[hidden])
Date: 2015-08-29 18:24:54

Robert wrote:
>I hope [Ahmed] can find enough time to [manage the review]. I'm sure that
it's more than he thought he was signing up for.

In my view Ahmed's job is _potentially_ quite easy: I think Niall is a smart
and big enough guy to realise that even if he applies a discount factor to
those reviews that he thinks are overly-hostile due to a personality clash,
the general consensus is still not strong enough to an "accept" at this
time, and therefore a withdrawal is appropriate. He could come back with a
plan - "here's what I am going to change, here's what I am going to keep the
same" and hopefully get some immediate feedback. Maybe some will say "sorry,
you not changing X is a showstopper" and Niall can choose whether he wants
to pursue with the changes. If he wants to pursue, we re-review.

Personally I like the library and would be minded to accept regardless of
whether Niall chose to keep his "shared" style or switch to the "standard"
style outlined by Thomas Heller (and apologies if I am pushing anyone's
buttons by calling it "standard"). That seems to be the only substantive
design issue - the rest - the namespaces, the #if 0, parts of the
documentation, the irrelevant v1, is basically bike-shedding stuff that
could be changed after an accept.

Finally whilst I'm up on the soapbox, I'd urge you, Niall, to just be a bit
more careful with how you come across sometimes. What I view as enthusiasm
for code and love for talking about code and coding, does seems to comes
across less well with others. E.g. are you offending others by appearing to
speak for them or implicitly denigrating their efforts by highlighting your
own? [I am sure this sounds like you are having your hard work such as the
"best practices handbook" thrown back in your face, but honestly I am only
trying to improve the environment in which any further review might take

Nice job with AFIO!



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