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Subject: Re: [boost] [build] How to use with clang on windows?
From: Steven Watanabe (watanabesj_at_[hidden])
Date: 2016-03-26 15:00:35


On 03/26/2016 11:24 AM, John Maddock wrote:
>> That should be calling link.exe, not clang.
>> If you're getting here, it means that compiling
>> succeeded.
> Not so fast.... the actual command line generated is:
> compile-c-c++
> ..\..\..\bin.v2\libs\config\test\config_info.test\clang-vc14-win-3
> .9.0\debug\config_info.obj
> @"..\..\..\bin.v2\libs\config\test\config_info.test\clang-vc14-win-3.9.0\debug\config_info.obj.rsp"
> So the @ causes the line to be ignored I think?

  That makes a bit more sense. Somehow
everything from clang-win is getting dropped.

>> This seems like msvc.configure-version-specific
>> is getting skipped. What does --debug-configuration say?
> notice: will use 'C:/Progra~2/MICROS~4.0/VC/Clang 3.7/bin/x86/clang.exe'
> for clang-win, condition <toolset>clang-win-3.7-vc14
> notice: [clang-cfg] condition:
> '<toolset>clang-win-3.7-vc14/<architecture>/<address-model>', setup:
> 'call "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio
> 14.0\VC\vcvarsall.bat" x86 > nul'

Unless you reformatted this it looks wrong. There should be a
new line before the last '

notice: [clang-cfg] condition:
'<toolset>clang-win-3.7-vc14/<architecture>/<address-model>', setup:
'call "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio
14.0\VC\vcvarsall.bat" x86 > nul

> <snip>
> And user-config.jam has:
> using clang-win : 3.7 : "C:/Progra~2/MICROS~4.0/VC/Clang
> 3.7/bin/x86/clang.exe" : <cxxflags>-std=c++11 <compatibility>vc14 ;

  I pasted this into my user-config.jam, and commented out
everything else, and I still can't reproduce the problem.

$ b2 -v
Boost.Jam Version 2015.07. OS=NT.

I tried develop:
$ git log
commit 37ba13295cbed023c41a677b0fa57f9f59696b8e
Author: Steven Watanabe <steven_at_[hidden]>
Date: Wed Mar 23 18:04:24 2016 -0600

    Remove wrong if. This case is already handled correctly by the next
else if

and master:
commit e83838da44f46bbe1f9e07c61dd8d96d13be55df
Merge: b3ed07b 8b9dbbe
Author: Vladimir Prus <vladimir.prus_at_[hidden]>
Date: Thu Mar 10 10:06:17 2016 +0300

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop'

The only local change to Boost.Build is
the patch that I sent.

I just installed clang with microsoft codegen,
and now I'm getting your original error:

"clang.exe: error: no such file or directory: '/Od'"

  I suspect that the problems that you're getting
are caused by something other than my patch.
If you revert it, do you go back to the original
problem? My only guess at this point is that
you're initializing multiple versions of clang,
and they're interfering with each other.

In Christ,
Steven Watanabe

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