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Subject: Re: [boost] [Root Pointer] New Documentation
From: Phil Bouchard (philippeb8_at_[hidden])
Date: 2016-04-13 21:16:28

On 04/13/2016 09:28 AM, Glen Fernandes wrote:
> Phil wrote:
>> I know, the problem is it's not that simple to replace the GC in WebKit ;)
> Of course: It would involve some non-trivial work on your part, so it only
> depends on whether you feel having users of your code (or convincing people
> of its merit) is worth it.
> And, as you've found out, it isn't that simple to get people interested in
> your idea, either.

People do not see long term values. Here is an analysis of languages
with a UI (what people want at the end of the day):

- Java is the mostly used language:

- But Java's JVMs are written mostly in C++

- WebKit is written in C++

- Qt's QML is written in C++

- Even the C# compiler is written in C++

So by helping out the GC, you pretty much help out all other languages
as well. So the benefits are clearly there.

> When you initially claimed "They [Webkit] aren't interested in cutting edge
> C++", it gave us the impression that they didn't want to use Root Pointer
> because the idea was radical. From the discussion on their list, that
> doesn't seem to be case. It seems they didn't want to make changes based
> purely on imagination of what the results should be. They appear to be open
> to it if you're able to do the work to and evidence the merits with
> benchmarks.
> My advice is to take this opportunity, try and replace their GC with a
> better solution. Along the way, if you find you need to improve your
> solution, all the better. At the end of it, you'll have two apples that you
> can compare. The results of the comparison, if in your favor, would also
> certainly be compelling to Boost and everyone.

Well it took me 8 years to write root_ptr and initially I thought that
it was going to be easy. I know fixing WebKit on my own is not going to
be an easy task so it'll probably going to take me 15 years, which is
not reasonable. Even DukTape is not trivial (2 files in C).

That's a chicken and egg thing. But any help would be appreciated
obviously... the problem is expert in GCs aren't going to help because
there's an industry behind it already.

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