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Subject: Re: [boost] [CMake] what to do now?
From: Stephen Kelly (hello_at_[hidden])
Date: 2016-04-14 15:11:33

Paul Fultz II wrote:

>> And where would the cmake files come from? How would they appear in the
>> packages? They have to be generated, remember. Are you going to make
>> cmake a hard requirement just to generate some files?
> If a boost library is being built already with cmake, of course it will
> use cmake.

How? Will the boost release managers run cmake to generate the files for the
monolithic release archives? Or will there be modular, separate releases of
cmake-based and based libraries? Will the cmake-based libraries
still contain files?

These are things I'm suggesting you think about and put into a plan.

>>> So then when the user wants Boost.Filesystem it can download and build
>>> the libraries needed just for Boost.Filesystem.
>> I think you need to expand your mind beyond 'the user downloads the
>> source and builds it'. You are missing entire worlds.
> I think you are missing entire worlds as well. Everywhere I have worked,
> we always built boost from source.

I'll assume for a moment that you are right and I'm missing something.

What am I missing? Why does what I proposed not work when building from
source? I would love to know where my proposal does not work because no one
has given any feedback on it.

>> Anyway, you have made clear that only 'people building top of tree from
>> source as part of building their own stuff' is the scope of what you're
>> interested in. You have also made clear that you don't know what cmake
>> packages are,
> I never said that. I said I didnt know the details, and by details I meant
> the details of debian packaging. I do know what the cmake package files
> are.

Then you said more than you intended to when you wrote this:

Paul Fultz II wrote:
>>>> If you port a library to cmake, will people using boost from the ubuntu
>>>> package get the cmake package files?
>>> I don’t know the details with that because I usually always use
>>> pkg-config over the cmake package files.



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