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Subject: [boost] Status on Travis
From: Raffi Enficiaud (raffi.enficiaud_at_[hidden])
Date: 2016-08-18 08:32:25

Hi dear list,
Hi Rene,

I would like to know more about Travis and its status. From what I
understand, a lot of efforts have been made recently for making things
running per commit on Travis and have a quick feedback.

* Naturally the first question is: is the status given by Travis the
"official" one? so we consider the status given by Travis an official
source of information, especially wrt. to its competing regression

* What are the development plans for Travis? Right now I see 3 types of
builds, and I do not fully understand what they cover (platform,
compiler) nor their differences.

* For boost.test, I am testing each feature branch before merging to
develop, by
   1. cloning boost superproject on develop
   2. switching only boost.test to the feature branch

   This is for preventing the breakages on develop that we observed in
the past since several libraries are depending on boost.test.
   Would it be possible to have that as well on Travis or any continuous
CI? That would be per library then.
Would it also be possible to have like a template .travis.yml coming
from the boost.superproject which can partly be overiden by a library?
(if we want to build things slightly differently)

* The CI I am using is able to parse the junit files generated by the
test framework, and summarizes the information of each build nicely
(also tracks the tests history). Is there anything similar in Travis?
Right now, apart from looking at the full logs (which is hard), is there
any intermediate information than red/green overall status?

* I can see many project under the boostorg of Travis . How do we do that?


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