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Subject: Re: [boost] Status on Travis
From: Rene Rivera (grafikrobot_at_[hidden])
Date: 2016-08-18 10:16:05

On Thu, Aug 18, 2016 at 7:32 AM, Raffi Enficiaud <
raffi.enficiaud_at_[hidden]> wrote:

> Hi dear list,
> Hi Rene,
> I would like to know more about Travis and its status. From what I
> understand, a lot of efforts have been made recently for making things
> running per commit on Travis and have a quick feedback.
> * Naturally the first question is: is the status given by Travis the
> "official" one? so we consider the status given by Travis an official
> source of information, especially wrt. to its competing regression
> dashboard.

The integrated test results are still the "official" results.

* What are the development plans for Travis? Right now I see 3 types of
> builds, and I do not fully understand what they cover (platform, compiler)
> nor their differences.

My plans, which are official as it can get around here when it comes to
testing, are to move as much of the "generic" testing and automation as
possible to cloud CI (would include Travis, Circle, and Appveyor). I don't
know what you mean by 3 types of builds though. Can you point out an

> * For boost.test, I am testing each feature branch before merging to
> develop, by
> 1. cloning boost superproject on develop
> 2. switching only boost.test to the feature branch
> This is for preventing the breakages on develop that we observed in the
> past since several libraries are depending on boost.test.
> Would it be possible to have that as well on Travis or any continuous
> CI? That would be per library then.

Yes. That is part of my plan.

> Would it also be possible to have like a template .travis.yml coming from
> the boost.superproject which can partly be overiden by a library? (if we
> want to build things slightly differently)

Kinda :-) My plan is to have a generic .travis.yml that authors can use for
their libraries. It would manage doing all the testing setups possible (and
wanted). It would look roughly like the one I currently use for Boost
Predef <>. And
the same would apply for Circle and Appveyor. Note that the current
implementation of those Travis scripts doesn't do the integrated testing
yet. That's coming soonish.

* The CI I am using is able to parse the junit files generated by the test
> framework, and summarizes the information of each build nicely (also tracks
> the tests history). Is there anything similar in Travis?

I don't think there's anything like that for Travis.

> Right now, apart from looking at the full logs (which is hard), is there
> any intermediate information than red/green overall status?

Not on Travis.. But eventually the goal is to have the above common scripts
upload the CI results to our common test results. That's in the not so near
future though as it's not a trivial task.

* I can see many project under the boostorg of Travis
> . How do we do that?

Just ask me and I can turn on any particular library to be included in
that. Note that the Travis testing resources, with the free OO license,
limit the number of concurrent jobs per organization. So all libraries in
that list share a smallish quota. But this is one area where we will
consider funding to increase that quota when we have better scope

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