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Subject: Re: [boost] interest in structure of arrays container?
From: Larry Evans (cppljevans_at_[hidden])
Date: 2016-10-20 10:53:50

On 10/20/2016 03:55 AM, Larry Evans wrote:
> On 10/19/2016 11:59 PM, Michael Marcin wrote:
>> On 10/19/2016 7:32 AM, Larry Evans wrote:
>>>> Michael, the attached is an outline of how to do it.
>>>> As noted in the comments, a lot of member functions still need
>>>> implementation; however, the offset calculations I think are
>>>> correct.
>>> Code has been updated to implement most of the "essentials" of
>>> soa_block. You can now call begin<Index> to get the begin
>>> iterator for the Index'th vector.
>>> The code now is on github at:
>> Still digesting this

> One change I made to the vec_offsets function could lead to
> a problem in some very special application. You might think
> that you could, instead of:
> , my_storage(new char[my_offsets.back()])
> in the soa_block CTOR initialization list, you wanted to
> create a vector of vectors, or matrx, of soa's. Then you
> might think you could:
> soa_impl(std::size_t a_row_size, std::size_t a_col_size)
> : my_row_size(a_row_size)
> , my_col_size(a_col_size)
> , my_offsets(vec_offsets<Ts...>(my_row_size))
> , my_storage(new char[my_offsets.back()*my_col_size])
> {
> ...
> }
> However, you couldn't because the 2nd column of the matrix
> *might* not have the correct alignment. That's because, I
> changed the vec_offsets function by replacing, in the
> vec_offsets function, this:
> result[sizeTs]=nxt_offset( result[sizeTs-1],
> sizes[sizeTs-1]*vec_size, max_align);
> with this:
> result[sizeTs]=result[sizeTs-1]+sizes[sizeTs-1]*vec_size;
> My justification for doing that was I assumed nobody would
> want to do that; however, who knows. Also, if I left in the
> original, and there was no need for it, then people
> reviewing the code would wonder why I put it in :(
> I'll try to find some comments to put in the vec_offsets
> function to warn people of this unlikely problem.

Running the just uploaded test file:

produces,, for the last test, the output:


Note the aligned[0]=0 line. This illustrates that when
2 buffers are concatenated, then the alignment for
the first T in the 2nd buffer will not be correct.

Hope that makes things clearer.


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