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Subject: Re: [boost] [review] **NEXT WEEK** Review of Outcome (starts Fri-19-May)
From: Peter Dimov (lists_at_[hidden])
Date: 2017-05-14 14:41:37

Niall Douglas wrote:
> > The code has a "boost-lite" submodule. Is that part of the review?
> In terms of public API, only the single part of boost-lite's API exposed
> in Outcome's public API which is boost-lite::tribool, which I exposed
> specially into the reference docs at
> (Outcome provides ternary based logic as an extension. If the peer review
> desires, we can fake hide tribool into namespace boost::outcome)
> Boost-lite provides the cmake based build, config, test, Boost.Test
> alternative, install, partial preprocess single header include generation
> and much of the internal implemention classes used by Outcome. However if
> accepted then Outcome would gain a Boost.Build veneer and be auto
> generated by script from the standalone Outcome same as Boost.ASIO is, and
> so I figure none of that is in scope for this review.

This doesn't exactly inspire confidence.

When a library enters Boost and is distributed in Boost releases, there's no
longer any point of it duplicating Boost functionality under the hood
(without a very good reason); while not requiring Boost is understandable
for standalone use, in a Boost release Boost is by definition already

In addition,

> then Outcome would [...] be auto generated by script from the standalone
> Outcome same as Boost.ASIO is

carries the unfortunate implication that Outcome in Boost may be, similarly
to Boost.ASIO, a second-class citizen that may lag behind the "real" Outcome
where the real development occurs.

And finally,

> then Outcome would gain a Boost.Build veneer...

libraries are much easier to review if they are already in their final Boost
form, ready to be copied into $BOOST_ROOT/libs/$library. It's understandable
that people don't want to invest into that final step until the library is
accepted... but it should also be understandable that going that extra mile
is a sign of commitment that speaks positively about the author and can
therefore tilt reviewers toward acceptance.

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