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Subject: [boost] [Pool] no maintainer, and should perhaps be deprecated?
From: John Maddock (jz.maddock_at_[hidden])
Date: 2017-09-27 17:07:59

Moving this conversation to a new thread:

>As an example of this: I recently proposed to add variadic move
>construction for nodes to boost::pool (a trivial change). And even though
>this has obvious advantages (and would get rid for C++11 capable compilers
>of the use of M4 to generate the necessary code), this was received with:
>file a PR, including tests (?) and change to documentation. Enough to put
>me off, so I just changed it locally.

Unfortunately the pool lib is not a good example - as previously stated
it has no current maintainer - but as (probably) the last person to try
and do some community maintenance on this library, the impression I came
away with was that it needs rewriting. Actually more than that.... it
probably needs redesigning if many more of the existing bug reports are
to be fixed.

I've actually said this on the list before, and suggested that Pool.2
might be a good candidate for as someone's first Boost library (since
it's not too large), but so far no takers.

There is possibly another issue: the performance of most std lib
allocators has improved to the point that it's actually questionable
whether using the pool lib has much real benefit (but this need
quantifying so the cases where it does help are documented).  Maybe
that's what has put people off, or maybe it's just not sexy enough for
anyone to take on, but I still hope that someone will....

Best, John.

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