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Subject: Re: [boost] [ANN] Boost.UI - a new C++ GUI library
From: Kolya Kosenko (kolya.kosenko_at_[hidden])
Date: 2017-09-28 14:02:18

On 09/28/2017 04:14 PM, Stefan Seefeld via Boost wrote:
> Who decides which ? Assuming your library is compiled (as opposed to
> header-only), this means that there will be multiple binaries to wrap
> GTK or Qt, etc., yes ? Or do you use some plugin system to let end-users
> load a backend at runtime ?

It is decided during compilation and linking. Loading GUI backend at
runtime is not supported, sorry.

>>>> - compatible with other Boost libraries
>>> What does that mean ?
>> Boost.Geometry and Boost.Polygon could be used with Boost.UI
>> coordinates, Boost.Chrono - boost::ui::on_timeout() function,
>> Boost.Date_Time library are used in date and time pickers etc.
> why not simply use stdC++ (11) for this ?

It uses both Boost and C++11 classes ))
For example you can use both std::chrono::duration and
boost::chrono::duration classes in on_timeout() function.

> what "subscription" model do you use ?

Sorry what does it means?

> What are the events that I can
> subscribe to ?

Event handler function called with on_*() prefix. Usually it is a class
member functions. For example boost::ui::button::on_press(fn) calls fn
when user clicks on button.

> How can I add my own event types & sources, and how do I
> register callbacks ? (Again, this is first and foremost a conceptual
> question, before being about the specific API.)

Custom event types and sources are not supported. I'm not sure that they
are a part of GUI or GUI-related, for these you can use Boost.Signals2
library. Probably you can extend Boost.UI by your own classes in your
application, but it isn't tested yet.

> Are you saying that to use your library I have to run multiple threads ?

No, Boost.UI applications usually are single threaded, but thread
synchronization are supported:

> That's all a bit vague. This definitely requires better documentation if
> you want to convince others to use your library.

Yes, documentation are weak like my English level.


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