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Subject: Re: [boost] Proposal for a thread synchronisation primitive: future_queue
From: Martin Hierholzer (martin.christoph.hierholzer_at_[hidden])
Date: 2018-04-26 17:12:52

Dear Gavin,

thank you, too, for your nice feedback!

> Looks like a nice concept at first glance (I haven't looked at the
> implementation), although some of those known issues (particularly the
> limited lifespan) would probably need to be solved before it could be
> accepted.

It clearly is not yet ready, I know this. I just want to get feedback as early as possible to steer into the right direction from the beginning.

> It's not a completely new concept, of course; one of the original future
> proposals included a future_stream that was essentially a recursive
> future -- whenever it completed it produced both a value and another
> future for the next value. This didn't make it into Boost (or the
> Standard) in the end, though I assume many people have reimplemented
> something similar on their own.

This sounds like a very similar concept indeed, but I cannot find anything about this on the web. Maybe the future_queue is a bit different in the sense that one can have multiple ready values in the queue, just like in any normal fifo queue.

> Having said that, the usual thinking on implementing blockable lockfree
> queues doesn't involve futures per se, but rather focuses on using an
> "eventcount" to provide the blocking behaviour as a wrapper around the
> core data structure itself, so it can be used with multiple different
> kinds of queues -- lockfree is usually a balancing act between
> tradeoffs, so different use cases benefit most from different structures.

I know that, but I think with the future_queue approach one can do much more (and is also simpler to use since you don't have to bother with wrapping the queue and dealing with counters). I think the important features are continuations, when_any and (today added) when_all. With these one can build something like "processing pipelines" even without having to explicitly care about the creation of threads. I will prepare a more advanced example showing better what I mean. I will let you know when it's ready.


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