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Subject: Re: [boost] [Range] 1.68 master/beta MSVC compilation error with /fpermissive-
From: Alexander Grund (alexander.grund_at_[hidden])
Date: 2018-07-13 07:12:56

> Yes, but at some point we have to ship a boost release.
> [ We've had this discussion many times in the past - "should we delay Boost
> 1.XX because VS XX.yy will be released next week", and we've pretty much
> always said - "Nope - we're shipping" ]
> Note that this is not a commentary on the current details - just a general
> observation.
Completely agreed. But this does also highlight the importance of proper
workarounds. The current thing is a great example:
A workaround for a MSVC bug was included in the RC. However the code for
that was invalid C++ and guarded by a `_MSVC >= xxxx` version macro.
Hence a bug in MSVC was fixed by using another bug in MSVC with the
assumption the latter will not be fixed (soon).

My point is: Even those workarounds should be expected to work in the
future by using proper C++ (as far as possible) which now is the case
(thanks for the ones working on that). I see that once a project
switched to a Boost version they stay there for quite a while and for
those this will be a huge problem (Please don't argue that they could
simply update boost. Sometimes newer Boost have breaking changes/new
bugs in other libraries that prevent this [Boost.Serialization e.g.])

Alex Grund

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