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Subject: [boost] Coordinating Parameter 'master' merging for dependent libraries
From: Edward Diener (eldiener_at_[hidden])
Date: 2019-02-01 22:16:37

I intend to merge Parameter 'develop' to 'master' for the next release
of Boost. Cromwell Enage has done a great job of adding modern
improvements to the Parameter library via PRs, while maintaining full
backward compatibility with the Parameter public interface. I have
reviewed and approved those changes and, where I have been lax, Peter
Dimov has pointed out weaknesses in some of those changes, which
Cromwell has corrected. The changes which Cromwell has made have also
involved improvements in the Parameter private interface(s), which have
entailed some updates to the 'develop' branch of some Boost libraries
which unfortunately depended on some aspects of the Parameter private
interface. These updates have already been made in those other library's
'develop' branch. At this point any further possible changes for
Parameter for a while will very likely be in the Parameter
documentation, which requires no syncing with other libraries, so this
is an excellent time for merging.

Since the merging for other libraries dependent on Parameter must be
synced to the merging of Parameter from 'develop' to 'master' what is
the best way to go about this ? Obviously I have first to merge
Cromwell's changes from 'develop' to 'master', which is easily done. How
should I inform other libraries that they need to merge their Parameter
dependent 'develop' changes to 'master' ? Should I create PRs for doing
this ? We do not normally create PRs for the 'master' branch of any
Boost library. Should I create Issues for those other libraries and hope
the maintainers of the other libraries will take the appropriate action
? Or should I inform the maintainers of the other libraries in this
thread, and prompt them to review their changes here to get them to
merge them from 'develop' to 'master' ?

The other libraries involved are: Accumulators, Log, Convert, Lockfree,
Signals2, and Graph. Cromwell knows more about the specific 'develop'
changes in those libraries which need to be merged to 'master' than I
do, since he was instrumental in creating the PRs that would allow these
libraries to work with the updated Parameters' internals, so he may
chime in here, but I would like to get this done so that Parameter and
its dependent Boost libraries get properly updated for the next Boost
release. Of course I will also plan with Cromwell update notes for
Parameter to be part of the next release.

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