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From: degski (degski_at_[hidden])
Date: 2020-03-03 15:14:57

Hi All,

Recently, I have started to get more and more dis-enchanted with Windows.
The OS is being dumbed down every step of the way, while the internal
complexity keeps going up. The latest and the most fun break-down to date
of Windows was last week, the story is long, but in the end in came down to
not being able to open the system-settings in the W10-style settings. The
W7-style settings are also available, but the API's are overlapping but
neither is a super-set of the other, so no way to fix the settings, because
the settings themselves are broken (had something to do with
display-drivers), way to go MS.

In the meanwhile W10 is sorted again, but the whole lot is just getting
increasingly fragile, while Fedora is getting increasingly solid (no
bt-headphone stuttering, while connected to wifi and look at that
brightness/crispness of that Full HD screen I have never seen before under
W10!), the latter not upping complexity (2'001 packages to download and
install to get from F30 to F31, but that's not complexity).

I want to move to Fedora, and for now I'm dual-booting. This involves
dumping VS in favor of VSCode (which is flat-packed for Fedora and
compadres and is also available on OSX, so there is potentially a large
audience), no acceptable other options (other than the one(s) VSCode is
based on) are available AFAIKS, gnome-builder seems to have different goals
from VS and it appears to be early days.

VSCode seems (to me) to be like the best thing since sliced-bread, iff you
are writing Python or Rust (Prolog works nicely as well), but C++ is only
partially great, the language server works very nicely, code completion,
good, but the build-system, proposed, is cumbersome. I would like VSCode to
work more like VS, but without the complexity, the endless clicking,
drop-down boxes etc etc.

It comes down to writing json-files, which is good, but on a per project
basis. Having to do this on a per project basis is a problem (that's going
backwards from using project-templates in VS, I now in VS can create a new
project in 3 seconds flat, and every detailed setting (clang and vc) is set
correctly and how **I** want it, and I am running "Hello World!" (the
default main in the template) in total 10 secs, this very handy to try
things out). I don't want to go backwards. Therefore, I would like to do
this on a repo-basis (the only one I have), with, iff required, another
json in the project-folder (in the parent repo-folder), i.e.:

/repos/ ...

I (want to) use vcpkg.

I structure my projects always the same, all build systems (to my purpose)
are basically an over-shoot on the one hand and overly fiddly on the other

The task at hand, build the .cpp files in the root of the project folder
into one binary. The include files are either in the
vcpkg/installed/.../include folder or in a sub-include-folder in the
project. Libraries to link are either in vcpkg/installed/.../lib, or
vcpkg/installed/.../debug/lib. We are not talking rocket-science here, I
presume that many people have simple needs like this/me, or that if
building (adopting this structure) becomes easy enough people would adopt
such a structure.

I would like to have one json to rule them all, and one json to either
over-ride the defaults, or to add to the defaults, depending on whether the
setting is defined in the repo.json. The repo.json might well be layered
itself, to accommodate the various compilers, and/or configuration. For the
moment nlohman's json seems perfectly adequate for the job, and it's
certainly easy to use (and seems to just use std::maps in a clever way, so
it's easy to follow what's going on).

It's all about merging, fusing, overlaying those json's as needed (gonna be
entertaining, making it smart), and pass that on to some generic API for
building. So a new compiler would mean to just add a json-section, or a
json-file, fill that with appropriate data (possibly nothing, iff the
default-defaults are good), and it should work.

The current way VSCode is setup, means that this imaginary build-system can
be easily and readily included/used in VSCode (with more json).

Yes, just like the working name indicates YABS, it must be as simple as
possible, but no simpler.

Any input is appreciated, but please refrain from arguing that BS-X does
this better (and exists) or BS-Y has a large crowd of followers (and is
used for a long period of time), that's water under the bridge, I will
pursue this, just to see how far one can get pushing these initial ideas

As usual my write-ups are a bit messy, I am learning I'm slightly dyslexic,
sorry for the endless comma's.

Thanks in advance for any ideas submitted.

I would not mind partnering with somebody else, ya'll have a nice day,


"We value your privacy, click here!" Sod off! - degski
"Anyone who believes that exponential growth can go on forever in a finite
world is either a madman or an economist" - Kenneth E. Boulding
"Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell" - Edward
P. Abbey

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