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From: Niall Douglas (s_sourceforge_at_[hidden])
Date: 2020-09-23 13:13:36

On 23/09/2020 13:14, Vinnie Falco wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 23, 2020 at 4:55 AM Niall Douglas via Boost
> <boost_at_[hidden]> wrote:
>> Me personally, if I were designing something like Boost.JSON, I'd
>> implement it using a generator emitting design. I'd make the supply of
>> input destructive gather buffer based
> So you would implement an orange instead of an apple. Note that the
> C++ ecosystem already has the flavor of orange you are describing, it
> is called SimdJSON and it is quite performant. As with your approach,
> it produces a read-only document. Quite different from Boost.JSON.
> There's nothing wrong with implementing a library that only offers a
> parser and a read-only DOM, and there are certainly use-cases for it.
> Personally I would not try to compete with SimdJSON myself but perhaps
> you can do better than me, especially in the area of "parallel
> execution utilising superscalar CPU concurrency."

I never said what I'd do is comparable to what you've done. You're
absolutely right it's an apple vs orange difference.

What I was describing is the sort of design which would get me excited
because it's novel and opens up all sorts of new opportunities not
currently well served by existing solutions in the ecosystem.

There was a larger point made though, regarding the tradeoff of optimal
design vs getting it done. Historically you've favoured getting it done,
and have not been a warm recipient to suggestions regarding alternative
designs which would require you throwing most or all of what you've done
away and starting again. Quite a few people have perceived this about
you, and no longer bother to comment on anything you're doing or seeking
advice upon.

You asked off list what I meant by "personal retribution". I'd prefer to
answer that on list. I am referring to you having, in the past, being
perceived as harassing and persecuting individuals whose technical
opinion you disagree with across multiple internet forums over multiple
months, especially if they have ever publicly criticised a technical
design that you personally believe doesn't deserve that criticism.

That has caused those people, who perceive that about you, to not be
willing to interact with anything you touch or are involved with,
because they aren't willing to be followed all over the internet for the
next few months by you.

Now, personally speaking, I think it's more a case of you being rather
enthusiastic and passionate in your beliefs and not thinking through
other people's perception of you applying those beliefs, rather than you
being malevolent. I have stated that opinion about you on several
occasions when my opinion was privately sought. But you also need to
accept that you reap what you sow in how you're perceived to treat
people, just the same way as I knew I'd permanently make most of the
technical Boost leadership hate me for life when I decided to go rattle
their cages here so many years ago.

You may take this reply personally. It was not meant as a personal
attack. It was meant as a statement of facts to my best understanding,
because I don't think many people tell you this stuff, and if nobody
tells you, then there's no progress possible.


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