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From: John Maddock (jz.maddock_at_[hidden])
Date: 2022-04-05 08:17:15

I have no answers, but maybe some things to highlight:

* We've written a lot of stuff, it's mostly well written, sometimes even
maintained, but the point is we haven't left many obvious "holes" to
fill, especially holes that could be filled by newcomers.

To pick a random example, type-traits used to generate a steady flow of
"what about this trait" or "what about this compiler workaround"
messages.  In the great scheme of things these were not earth shattering
requests, but they were actually great for getting people engaged, and
allowing new participants the opportunity to cut their teeth on a tricky
problem.  Better compilers (no more SFINAE workarounds - yeh!!) and a
pretty comprehensive set of traits means those kinds of messages just
don't show up anymore.  This is great for library maintenance, but
rubbish for group-cohesion.

* "Balkanization" of Boost: For most of the stuff I maintain, messages
go straight to Github as either PR's or Issues, and discussion takes
place there.  Now don't get me wrong... I actually like Github's
workflow, but it does mean that unless you're interested in say Math or
Multiprecision and choose to follow the issues there, the discussion all
takes place in our own little group.

* In relation to the above - *everyone* has something to contribute to
*every* library - let me give you an example - some of Math's
contributors are keen to explore C++20 modules, the question is, how on
earth do we go about it and maintain a single code base, plus first
class module support and backwards compatible headers?   It's something
that needs a Boost-wide discussion and maybe some guidance and

Maybe we need a list of open questions - some would relate to new
compiler features - concepts and modules spring to mind, some would
relate to missing libraries.

BTW I'm neutral on the whole message-board vs mailing list issue.... to
me the medium isn't necessarily the problem.


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