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Re: [glas] Re: Welcome to the "glas" mailing list

From: Toon Knapen (toon.knapen_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-12-10 14:52:26

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David Abrahams wrote:
|>As for the policy of the ml : currently subscribers to the ml need to
|>be 'approved' by the administrator (which is me) to enforce some kind
|>of by-invitation-only policy. And the members-list is only visible to
|>the members. I have chosen these initial settings because it might be
|>best to start this project with a group of core members to keep this
|>new project focused although the idea of the project is also to
|>provide an open-source reference implementation (So these settings
|>are always open for discussion and might be changed after consensus)
| My position is that if this is going to be hosted at, it
| should be open to members of the Boost community and announced on the
| main Boost list. If it's going to be private, some other domain should
| be used.

It might indeed be best to make the ml all open. I started with the
settings as described above because I'm unsure if a totally open ml
would be a problem for some partners. Especially large corporations
might have very strict policies regarding posting to (public)
mailinglists. And I think all current partners are very valuable to the
project. BTW, are'nt the mailings of the C++ commitee not publicly
accessible for the same reason?

But if an all-open ml does not seem to be a problem to anyone we will
change the policy. OK ?

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