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From: Michael Stevens (mail_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-07-19 03:23:27

Hi Paul,

I am a bit confused. It would good if we could test against the pending Boost
1.33 release

On Sunday 17 July 2005 12:40, Paul C. Leopardi wrote:
> Hi again, all.
> I've been testing GluCat with Boost 1.32.0 and have noticed that GluCat now
> often produces incorrect results when it uses uBLAS. The same GluCat code
> when compile with Boost 1.31.0 produces correct results.
> Where is the best place to obtain a list of changes in uBLAS between Boost
> 1.31.0 and Boost 1.32.0? Is it CVS?

> I have used diff -rub to compare the two ublas directories Boost 1.31.0 vs
> Boost 1.32.0) and this results in a file with 32781 lines of raw
> differences. In order to understand what has gone wrong with GluCat/uBLAS I
> need to understand the changes in uBLAS at a higher level.

Raw diffs are probably not of any use due to code re-arrangements and a
multitude of minor syntax changes. The commit comments are more useful but
hard to extract out of CVS other then on a per file basis.

> It would also help if someone else could reproduce my results. GluCat
> 0.1.8, currently on SourceForge, is not compatible with Boost 1.32.0. I
> have attached to this message the relevant patches to GluCat 0.1.8 to
> enable it to compile with Boost 1.32.0. I call the patched version GluCat
> 0.1.9. The essential change in both configure and glucat.h is to remove the
> line containing
> #include <boost/numeric/ublas/config.hpp>
> Hopefully this investigation will come up with a set of assumptions made in
> GluCat which are violated in the Boost 1.32.0 version of uBLAS.

The most likely candidate for your problem is an uninitialised vector/matrix
element. uBLAS now NEVER initialises Dense Vector or Matrix elements. This
change happened with the cleanup of the Storage Concept.
Since I always derive my own vector/matrix types from uBLAS bases I find the
following idiom very handy to track down uninitialised elements.

        explicit FMVec(typename VecBase::size_type size) : VecBase(size)
        { // Sized constructor
                assign (ublas::scalar_vector<value_type>(size,

> This may be useful for further uBLAS or uBLAS Wiki development.
I want to get as much of this 'release notes' type information into the uBLAS
Wiki. It would be nice to prepare people for the Boost 1.33 release.

All the best,


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