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From: wedekind (wedekind_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-07-27 12:27:51

Hello ublas and boost::numeric gurus,

I'm pretty new to ublas and boost::numeric in general. I want to use lapack
to solve QR decompositions of arbitrary mxn matrices. Thus I've downloaded
lapack and tried to build it on my windows machine... It was quite a
nightmare even as I already have some experience in building stuff on
different platforms using different buildtools.

What I've achieved so far is to compile lapack using MinGW. Unfortunately
MinGW's fortran compiler g77 suffixes symbols with underscores. But the C++
linker (from M$ Visual C++) expects the same symbols without these
underscores. I have then compiled lapack (using g77) with
-fno-second-underscore or -fno-underscoring to no avail! My sample
application now successfully links but according to the "Dependency Walker"
tool from Visual Studio it does not depend on the lapack-dll and crashes
with a memory read exception on startup :( I guess the not recommended
underscoring-options have done more harm than good.

So my question is (after trying it nearly whole 2 days on myself including
extensive web-search): Is there a recommended way to build lapack so that it
can be used with the boost::numeric::bindings::lapack?



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