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From: Preben Hagh Strunge Holm (preben_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-12-14 14:57:21

>>>>>> I want to use uBlas for matrix operations. Now I searching for
>>>>>> procedures/methods to initialize matrices for translation or rotation in
>>>>>> 3d space.
>> May I ask what you should use this for?
>> Transformations are used for many things, computer games, robotics,
>> opengl programming and so on.
> OpenGl and robotics.
> Why?

Actually I'm doing a ph.d. in robotics (just started). It seems like you
 are going to construct a simulator/framework (or am I wrong)?

Some master students and ph.d.-students started 2-3 years ago to write
their own simulators/frameworks. However they soon realized that much
more effort could be put into the framework in a joint working group. So
they started on the project RobWork. I used RobWork for my master thesis
 and was very happy with that choice.

You might want to take a look at it ( (we haven't
made any screenshots yet, but there's an api-doc).

I've just spent a lot of hours looking through many parts of the
framework to construct a good exercise for some students. In a weeks
time they programmed (without prior knowledge of C++) a solution with
inverse kinematics, interpolation of path segments with a handover of an
object between two Mitsubishi PA10 robots (of course with graphical

It might look "overwhelming" to new users, but all users so far (that I
know of) had a good experience with the framework.

ublas and boost_math is used for most parts of math calculations in
RobWork, but add's functionality specific to opengl and robotics
development. Furthermore you will find a few path planners, graphical
user interface and lots more.

Some other guys are currently developing a task language based on the
script language lua for integration into RobWork.

However this might not be the correct place to continue discussing
existing robotic frameworks, but feel free to contact me on my mail:
preben (at) or contact the developers of RobWork
through the mailing list, forum (just created) or through the website.

Best regards,