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Ublas :

From: Jesse Perla (jlp400_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-08-07 15:44:00

Thanks for comments on choosing a matrix library. I also apologize if this
question has been repeated a million times, but these sorts of things change
often and the answer is unclear to me: What is the current wisdom on
standardization of some sort of LAPACK replacement that is compatible with

Again, my goal is to provide people C++ as an alternative to matlab/fortran
with the most standard and supported routines possible. I am not sure I
completely need LAPACK functionality, but definetely need it to do:
inversions, cholesky, solving non-triangular linear systems, and solving
eigensystems. My matricies won't be enormous or necessarily
structured/sparse, so I would rather have an emerging standard than a
perfect library. It looks like most things refer to:
Others talk about "bindings" library? Are any of these safe, on their way
towards good industry adoption, nicely compatible with the current boost
release, etc.?

As another item, has anyone done a nice implementation of stencils in
boost::ublas? Or are there any nice libraries for matrix
initalizaiton/etc.? Any other utility libraries around this that people can
think might help me.

Thanks for your help. It looks like boost is well on its way to providing a
simple and standard answer to all these questions, and I look forward to
coding libraries in a modern language.