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Subject: Re: [ublas] Patch/proposal for overloading operator * in ublas
From: Rutger ter Borg (rutger_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-09-10 10:49:22

Jesse Perla wrote:

> Gunter: You are certainly correct, there will never be one matrix library
> to rule them all.
> But I think that most users would be happy with a default solution that is
> good enough, and has the semantics they require (i.e. a reasonable
> equivalent to matlab minus the algorithms). As far as I understand it,
> that
> is what GLAS provides: A way to have a standard expression template
> interface to various backends.
> So, your road sounds like the right approach if ublas is to be kept
> modern,
> but a lot of work. If ublas is a project in stasis, then perhaps your
> instinct to freeze ublas and focus time on supporting MTL is the right
> one.

Hi Jesse,

I think you mixed up Gunter's and my posts a bit, but never mind.

My story, a bit rephrased and cut short: point 1) take containers from
uBLAS, make it a separate lib. Use GLAS (not uBLAS) as a starting point for
point 2). The bindings and other stuff would fit into 3).