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Subject: [ublas] bug in compressed_matrix with using a custom index size type
From: Ungermann, Jörn (j.ungermann_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-04-11 14:39:50

Hi all,
as I mentioned last week, I am trying to migrate our compressed_matrices to using 32bit integer for the index array. I am going to use these types:

    typedef ublas::compressed_matrix<
      double, ublas::row_major, 0, ublas::unbounded_array<unsigned int>
> SparseMatrixRowDouble;
    typedef ublas::compressed_matrix<
      float, ublas::row_major, 0, ublas::unbounded_array<unsigned int>
> SparseMatrixRowFloat;

After the annoying problem with the LU decomposition, I noticed a severe bug in compressed_matrix affecting my use-case.

The private size1_, size2_, filled1_ and filled2_ variables are rightly of array_size_type, which is still size_t, that is 64bit in my case.
However, the nnz and reserve functions use size_type, which may be too small for large matrices.
I therefore propose to change the type of all functions handling the number of non-zero entries to array_size_type, as it will otherwise break if one has more than 2^32 non-zero entries.

The attached patch file does the trick for me and has no effect in case one does not change the index_array type.

Kind regards,

PS: If this is not the right list for this, please tell me. I had not much luck in getting changes into ublas, as there is still one performance-bug including fix of mine on the trac server (Ticket

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