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Subject: [ublas] bug on compressed_matrix ?
From: Hoang Giang Bui (hgbk2008_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-01-16 11:13:08


Please take a look on the example indicating a false behaviour of
compressed_matrix of ublas. In this example, I tried to fill a
compressed_matrix by given row pointers and column indices. The matrix has
dimension of 186x20 and contains 141 entries.

After fill I tried to print out the values of index1_data and index2_data
and observe different results with the inputs. The last component of
index1_data is zero which is not correct since compressed format require it
to be nnz. Furthermore, the index2_data vector is also longer than the
initial column pointers.

I don't think my algorithm to fill the matrix is wrong. In this case, which
should be the reason for such behaviour?

Giang Bui