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Subject: Re: [ublas] Numeric bindings repository
From: David Bellot (david.bellot_at_[hidden])
Date: 2014-04-08 08:36:03


it really depends on what we want to achieve in the end. Numeric bindings
need more visibility and have to be officially associated with ublas. This
can be done in 2 possible ways:

(1) either we have a separate project that will remain separated but highly
publicized and people will have a simple way to download and install
bindings. We will have to do reference to it in the documentation. Releases
will be independent from the main Boost.uBLAS (the one I will push from
github/ublas/ublas to github/boostorg/ublas)

(2) or we integrate them into the official Boost.uBLAS. It's not a bad idea
when you think about it. But maybe it's too much for a single library like

(3) a third option would be to split them up into basic and advanced
bindings because in the end, I want ublas to smoothly interact with the
main numerical libraries. And the job is already done with the bindings.

Option (3) means we will have the bindings as a development branch in


On Tue, Apr 8, 2014 at 12:52 PM, Nasos Iliopoulos <nasos_i_at_[hidden]>wrote:

> Hello all,
> since the transition to github seems complete now, I believe it is also
> the time to migrate the numeric bindings there as well. Here are two
> options :
> 1. Include the bindings in the regular uBlas branch in the development
> repository (
> 2. Create a new repository in that will serve
> as the official numeric bindings repository (and of course provide access
> to all the interested developers and maintainers)
> I would vote for no. 2 as I think it would be better for projects that
> cannot be classified as "basic or semi-basic" linear algebra to be kept
> separate from the ublas repository for the moment, but still have a very
> close relationship with the official project.
> - What does everybody think?
> - Do any other options cross your mind?
> -Nasos
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