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Subject: [ublas] Develop branch almost finalized
From: Nasos Iliopoulos (nasos_i_at_[hidden])
Date: 2014-09-29 10:36:21

Dear all,
the develop branch is almost finalized for the next uBlas release and
will soon make it into the master branch. If anybody has any
comments/suggestions for minor changes, it is a good period to express
them. Pull requests should be done in relevant branches in and NOT in

There has been a major overhaul in the development infrastructure that
has also moved to github and we have been very careful to make sure
things have transitioned smoothly (144 minor and major commits with
respect to the current release). The major revisions and features are:

1. Changed the uBlas development folder structure (will not effect users
of the library)

2. Cleaned up documentation items.

3. Performed a very large overhaul with respect to warnings/errors on
various compilers. Apart for some hard to resolve warnings and older
compiler incompatibilities, compilations with uBlas will be much cleaner

4. Fixed the long standing banded matrix bug

5. Added a matrix row/column facade type (matrix as a vector of rows or
columns ). The credit goes to Joaquim Duran and Oswin Krause.

After the latest develop tests have run on the test servers
we will push into master. This is expected to happen within the week.

We are very happy that we now have a much better infrastructure for
uBlas development and wish that this will help to propel the project
goals into the future.

Best regrads,