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From: Tom Brinkman (reportbase_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-03-16 21:44:33

Review Schedule .

If you have any changes, post them as a reply to this thread.

We need experienced review managers for many of the libraries
in the review queue. A few of them have been waiting for a
volunteer for a few months now, such as boost::exception,
boost::GloballyUniqueIdentifier and boost::scope_exit.

If your interested, let us know. Preferably, you will have
a background in the problem domain, but no association
with the library and are a regular contributer on the boost mailing list.
You can read the "review manager" requirements at the
following link:

Most of the libraries are located at the Boost Sandbox Vault,
located here:

Here is a summary of the libraries that are in the queue waiting
for a "review manager" volunteer.

Library: Exception
Author: Emil Dotchevski

Review Manager: Needed
Date: Needed
The purpose of Boost Exception is to free designers of
exception classes from having to consider what data needs to
be stored in exception objects in order for the catch site to
be able to make sense of what went wrong. When Boost Exception
is used, arbitrary values can be stored in any exception. This can be
done directly in the throw-expression, or at a later time as the
exception object propagates up the call stack. The ability to add
data to any exception object after it has been thrown is important,
because often some of the information needed to handle an
exception is unavailable at the time of the throw.

Library: Globally Unique Identifier
Author: Andy Tompkins
Location: Boost Sandbox Vault
Review Manager: Needed
Date: Needed
A guid, or globally unique identifier, is an identifier
standard used in many disciplines including computer networks,
distributed computing, and databases. They can be used to tag
objects with very short lifetimes, to reliably identify very
persistent objects across a network. An attractive feature of
guids is their relative small size, of 128-bits, compared to
alternatives. Also the creation of guids does not require
a centralized authority.

Library: Scope Exit
Author: Alexander Nasonov
Location: Boost Sandbox Vault
Review Manager: Needed
Date: Needed
The scope-exit-arg-pp-seq is Boot.Preprocessor sequence
of identifiers that can be used inside scope-exit-body.
The direct-declarator is declarator-id followed by optional
argument of type boost::scope_exit_group (inside brackets or
after the equal sign). This construct executes scope-exit-body
at the close of the current scope.

Library: Floating Point Utilities
Author: Johan Råde
Location: Boost Sandbox Vault
Review Manager: Needed
Date: Needed

Proposed Additions to the Boost Math Library

Functions for floating point number classification:
fpclassify, isfinite, isinf, isnan, isnormal.
Follows TR1.

Functions for floating point number sign bit access and modification:
signbit, copysign, changesign. Follows TR1.

Facets that parse and format infinity and NaN according to the C99 standard.
Used for portable handling of infinity and NaN in text streams.

Library: Switch
Author: Steven Watanabe
Location: Boost Sandbox Vault
Review Manager: Needed
Date: Needed
Summary: Needed

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