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#12867: log library extensions
  Reporter: vgrinenko@… | Owner: andysem
      Type: Feature Requests | Status: new
 Milestone: To Be Determined | Component: log
   Version: Boost 1.57.0 | Severity: Optimization
Resolution: | Keywords:

Comment (by vgrinenko@…):

> a max age specification instead of a predicate.
 I was trying to do similar to your implementation and more or less
 â€œgeneric”: max age or older than specific time or something else.

> The record-based renaming seems too specific to me...
 I agree, probably it would be better provide “generic file manipulation”
 possibility instead of renaming and allow to do something with m_File in
 the predicate, for example copy, move, close and open new log dependently
 from the record content. In this case the predicate itself will be
 responsible for the implementation and robustness and risks, not a
 But it is just an idea.

 Thanks for the answer and good luck!

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