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From: David Abrahams (david.abrahams_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-03-26 15:22:34

Hello Jammers.

We've just finished rolling what changes we can into jam to make up
the 2.4 release. It is available at:

(Release notes only)

We've decided to give it the "rc1" (release candidate 1) tag. If
compellingly broken is reported back in two weeks, We'll quietly remove
the "rc1" designation.

The changes between Jam 2.3[.2] and 2.4 are faithfully noted in the
RELEASE notes, but there were a few bugs introduced and fixed during
the 2.4-dev stage. These are only mentioned here:

- Change 1587 by rmg_at_rmg:pdjam:chinacat on 2002/03/25 11:32:53

if ( "" a b ) once again returns true.
Caught by Vladimir Prus <ghost_at_[hidden]>

- Change 1539 by seiwald_at_golly-seiwald on 2002/03/13 15:00:39

Fix definitions of FIncludes/FDefines for OS2 and NT, mistakes
caught by Craig McPheeters.

- Change 1537 by seiwald_at_golly-seiwald on 2002/03/12 16:29:31

Fix to 1319: make jam's &&, &, |, and || operators short circuit
as they did before. 'in' now short-circuits as well.

- Change 1489 by seiwald_at_thin-seiwald on 2002/02/27 23:29:36

Revert syntax of "expr : expr `in` expr" to jam 2.3's
"expr : arg `in` list", because:

a) It broke the precedence of `in` so that it was looser than
!, parsing "! xxxx in yyy" as '( ! xxx ) in yyy".

b) It didn't allow providing an in line list as "$(f) in a b c".

Note that this release includes only the smallest of outside
Now is the time to examine more closely the major forks of jam to see
how much of them can and should be folded back.

Finally: Thanks again to everybody who's contributed to Jam.
We are very appreciative. Keep it up!

Richard Geiger
Open Source Engineer at Perforce

Christopher Seiwald
Jam Developer

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