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From: rwhadsell (hadsell_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-03-26 17:47:27

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> Sent: Monday, March 25, 2002 6:21 PM
> Subject: Re: cxx-tools bugs?
> > > I wonder if this is -ptr option is a common EDG feature or
> > > if it's compaq-specific?
> >
> > The SGI compiler (EDG238) does not have a -ptr option.
> > Template instantiations reside in .ii files which are
> > stored in a directory named ii_files. This suggests that
> > -ptr and cxx_repository are vendor specific.
> Yes, the names of the options and default directory are
> but it looks like the underlying feature is the same.

The SGI compiler ( puts its ii_files directory in the same
directory as the object files. That obviates the need for user
control over its location. It only has the -ptr option in
Cfront-compatibility mode.

The SGI compiler also solves the archive library build problem by not
using 'ar' at all. You use 'CC -ar' to build the library, and the
compiler knows to include the template instantiations in the
repository in the same way it knew about creating them.

So we just need to fix the problem for cxx. I would welcome anyone
else's contribution to this effort, because I have never even used Jam
before starting to work with Boost last week.

Using -ptr to locate the repository in the build area seems an obvious
and easy thing to do. I have had no problems with this kind of scheme
in the past (with Digipaq's cxx).

Using 'ls -1 repository/*' to find all the instantiations was my
solution, too. You shouldn't need to cd into the directory to get
them. What I don't know is whether Jam has a way to pipe that output
directly to a command that can extract the files and pass them one at
a time to the ar command.


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