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From: gclbb-jamboost_at_[hidden]
Date: 2002-07-07 11:45:49

In article <20020707004319-r01010800-4a8660f5-0860-0108_at_12.100.89.43>,
Rene Rivera <jamboost_at_[hidden]> wrote:
>[2002-07-06] gclbb-jamboost_at_[hidden] wrote:
>>* I've downloaded the latest boost but I'm unclear how to reproduce
>> the compiler status pages. Or even how to just set up boost.
>> I've done 'bjam -sTOOL=como' and got a lot of errors.
>Which platform are you trying to compile it under? And which backend?

Initially on Windows with VC++ as the backend.

>Did you try setting the COMO_PATH variable to the installation? Like this:
>bjam -sTOOL=como -sCOMO_PATH="_some_path_"

No, I'll look at that, since it looks like the direction you
might be going in (and/or I'll need to do something like that
for some other test and/or build).

But as you mentioned in your other message, it seems the compiler
status pages are currently not using bjam. And upon further snooping,
I'm seeing a regression.cpp program, as well as more\regressions.html
describing some of what's going on.

>> In particular,
>> it seems to be set up for an earlier version of como, but I see from
>> the compiler status pages that more recent como's have been used,
>> so how do I get a copy of that?
>What is it that makes it "setup" for the earlier version? Is it a command
>line option? IF so, which should we be using instead?

Yes, the command line options was one aspect as I recall.
There's also some setting up of paths and libraries
which I don't understandard (and suspect it's unnecessary steps),
so I'm going to hold off on specifics under I do understand
better, that way the work doesn't need to be done multiple times
just because I was confused. My questions about the paths
in my previous message will help toward that goal (I have other
additional questiosn of that nature too, but will hold off on
them for now till the path question is clear to me).

>> And/or is there a special option
>> that I need to use to enable it for new versions of como?
>No special option, yet. Should there be? Are the invocations from older vs.
>newer versions of Comeau C++ different enough that they need different

Comeau 4.3.0 is a milestone on many fronts, and so probably
"old" versions don't need to be maintained.

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