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From: David Abrahams (david.abrahams_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-07-07 11:50:54

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From: <gclbb-jamboost_at_[hidden]>

> So, you're saying that *NO* compile is done for the regression
> status pages using bjam?

As explained in my message to Gennadiy, Beman has been working on a system
to generate those pages using bjam and some front-end scripting, but we
have never released status pages built that way on the website.

> It looks like some something reads
> that .cfg file???? Guess I'll be snooping around that directory.

See, which describes the system
that has been used to-date.

> >* I looked at the como toolset a bit more, and it's definately as
> >in support as the description says. It only works in Win32/VC.
> What does 'if $(NT)' check for?

A windows platform.

> >* We can tell which platform we are running in, and therefore adjust the
> >compiler invocations accordingly. But again that's not done in the
> >como toolset support.
> Right, and I see for Intel that that wasn't done either, and instead
> a seperate file was used. ???


> >* I'd be willing to add support for more of the Comeau backends, but I'd
> >need help in doing so. Specifically I'd need:
> >
> > 1. Documentation for the compiler options based on which backend. I
> >haven't looked at the documentation you have on the website but
> >the info is in there.
> > 2. Someone(s) who is willing to test the new toolset. This someone(s)
> >would need to know how to access the Boost CVS files. And compile on the
> >various platforms we want to support.
> I suspect that the current info is wrong and/or superfluous,
> so I'd rather get that changed first. And at that point I'll
> probably understand it enough to be able to make suggestions
> for the new backends.
> As such, let me start with a question: I'm unclear as to
> the difference between COMO_PATH, COMO_BIN_PATH, COMO_BIN_DIRECTORY,
> COMO_BASE_SETUP, and COMO_PATH_SETUP and how they [need to] interact
> and/or how they are [necessary to be] different from just

That's actually a statement followd by a question-mark ;-)
Does fail to explain it?
If so, please ask a specific question.

> And also what program uses these "new" variables, and why?

bjam uses them when using the como toolset in order to know what it needs
to stick in the command-line.

What's "new" about them?



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