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From: Rene Rivera (grafik666_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-09-05 11:07:39

[2002-09-05] Patrick Frants wrote:

>Rene Rivera <grafik666_at_[hidden]> wrote in
>> [2002-09-04] Rene Rivera wrote:
>>>[2002-09-04] Patrick Frants wrote:
>>>Taking alook at it now...
>> Well after looking at it I'm not sure what your problem is. Duplicating
>> the example on my machine, with a minor change, seems to work for me. I
>> get the "-I ../IncludeDir" in the build commands. The minor change is
>> that instead of "<include>$(SUBDIR)IncludeDir" it should be
>> "<include>$(SUBDIR)/IncludeDir", but both ways worked for me also.
>> Could you try and putting in this... in your Jamfiles to see what's
>> going on...
>> ECHO -- "$(SUBDIR)" -- ;
>> If that ever prints out: "-- --", then that means the SUBDIR is getting
>> set to empty, which would cause problems. For me in the project root it
>> prints "-- . --" and in the subdir "-- .. --".
>I was too fast with my previous reply, but the argument about not
>inheriting any of the settings still applies...
>For me it prints "-- . --" always. No matter wether I execute it from the
>project root or the subdir. Here is the output with bjam -d2 for both

More badness on my part, copied the output incorrectly accross machines...

>from project-root:
>\BoostExample>bjam -d2
>Jamrules: No such file or directory
>-- . --
>-- . --
>-- SubDir --
--^^^^^^^^^^^---- That is correct.

So with my previous message you should have it working ;-)

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