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From: Rene Rivera (grafik666_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-09-17 10:52:15

[2003-09-17] Johan Nilsson wrote:

>"Vladimir Prus" <ghost_at_[hidden]> wrote in message
>> Johan Nilsson wrote:
>> > It was also possible to run 'jam -fbuild.jam", but the next problem was
>> > that the ".rm" action isn't defined for VMS (which is straightforward
>> > fix).
>> Strange, I see
>> if $(VMS) { actions piecemeal together existing .rm. {
>> DELETE $(>[--2]:J=";*, ") $(>[-1]);*
>> } }
>> in build.jam. Do you have an older copy?
>The one I've got is from the 1.30.2 zip file from sourceforge.

That one is kinda of old, as it's the same as the one from 1.30.0. I suggest
you get the latest as I did some improvements, including some restructuring
to support VMS better. The boost-consulting mirror is the easiest way to get
it as you can get a tar.bz2 snapshot.

>> > When I started looking through the build.jam file, however it looks
>> > like it isn't terribly platform independent (only Windows and unices
>> > supported?). Did any Mac users try "jam -fbuild.jam"?

It's supported in MacOS-X. We've given up on supporting classic MacOS ;-)
But yes it's terribly platform dependent, it's written to the platforms we
have access to.

>> >
>> > Is the above also the case when running Boost.Build (I hope not, but I
>> > haven't come that far yet).
>> I think that the problem is that Boost.Build does not support DEC C/C++
>> moment. However, when/if that support is implemented (which should not be
>> very hard), it easy to create syntax that compiler wants.
>In build.jam you don't use the 'real' bjam toolsets - only the minimum
>defined inside the jamfile itself, right?

Correct, I wrote the minimal toolsets, only C compilation, to compile jam,
bjam, yyacc, etc. This was easier than trying to update the core Jambase to
handle the larger set of compilers we handle.

>What I call DEC C++ is actually supported, but only under unix - i.e.
>tru64cxx(65)-tools.jam. Most of the settings there should be available
>the VMS version, just using a different command-line syntax. I guess
>those toolsets shouldn't too much of a hassle.

No it should not, it's the initial step of getting bjam working that's the
pain. Bootstraping always is ;-)

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