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From: Zbynek Winkler (zwin_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-03-15 04:29:45

Vladimir Prus wrote:
> Hi Zbynek,
>>>Here are the results:
>>>It has helped me already 1 vote (off-list)
>>>Sounds important 1 vote
>>>Not a big deal, can live without it 1 vote
>>>Eeh.. it just produces pointless messages I can't understand
>>> 0 votes
>>>Never heard about this 0 votes
>>>And my own vote goes for "pointless messages". So, the distibution is
>>>very even and it's hard to draw a coclusion. Guess I'll have to decide
>>If it has not been decided yet, I'd go for the 'it has helped me already'
>>as I have defined my own feature not to be link-compatible so I guess I am
>>actively using the feature.
> Ah, but did you ever see the warning. In what case did you see it?

That is rather complicated issue... :( I have my feature to define one of 4
aritmetic modes for a number library of mine. What I really wanted was to have
a feature that could be put in the usage-requirements for this library. But I
did not want it to have a certain value. I just wanted it to be set so the
user could possibly specify a different value. I've seen the warning while
experimenting with this setup and concluded that it was right. After that I
made the feature nonoptional because I've found no other way to do it. The
problem with that is that I get 4 different builds even for things that do not
use the library. Sigh :(

>>And as a side note - I've just found out that msvc-6.0 is not
>>link-compatible with msvc-7.1 but bjam does not define those two to be
> Is it really link-incompatible? Even for 'C' sources?

I do not know. I do not use plain C. This was for build of cppunit.

>>And a question - I have bunch of declarations such as
>>lib cppunit : : <name>cppunit60 <variant>release <toolset-msvc:version>6.0
>><search>d:/software/cppunit-1.8.0/lib ;
>>I've determined the syntax only by try-and-error and by searching through
>>the source files of v2 (Is there some documentation for it? I've searched
>>for 'condition'...). I expected
>>lib cppunit : : <name>cppunit60 <variant>release <toolset>msvc-6.0
>><search>d:/software/cppunit-1.8.0/lib ;
>>What is wrong with that?
> Nothing, except I think it hits a bug in the current code. "msvc-6.0" in
> requirements is not expanded.
> The good news is that I have some fixes lying locally which should fix this.
> I'd commit and announce it later this week.

Great! Thanks. I just hope I am not being pain in t... I understand that bbv2
can use some more testing & bug reporting, right?


Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

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