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From: Vladimir Prus (ghost_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-10-18 06:24:21

Milestone 10 of Boost.Build V2 is getting closer. The preview packages are
available at:

and in the CVS (the Milestone_10 tag). I'd very appreciate testing of this
version. I'd welcome both results of the automated tests (see, and
running this version on your projects.

Toolsets which are not yet fully tested include: cw, intel-win, acc, vacpp,
darwin, kylix, and sun.

The changelog for this release is attached.

Thanks in advance,

Changes in this release:

Many toolsets were added: Intel, Metrowerks, Comeau, aCC, vacpp.
Documentation was converted to BoostBook and improved.
Performance was improved.

- Toolsets initialization syntax is much more uniform. Compiler and linker
flags can now be specified.
- The algorithm for computing build properties was improved. Conditional
requirements can be chained, and a number of bugs were fixed.
- Specific order of properties can be specified.
- The main target rules can be called from everywhere, not necessary from
- Check for "unused sources" removed.
- The <library> feature affects only linking now.
- The <file> feature now works only for libraries.
- Simpler syntax for "searched" libraries was added.
- New <dependency> feature.

The right order of static libraries on Unix is automatically
The <hardcode-dll-paths> feature is the default.
The -fPIC option is passed when creating shared libraries.
Problems with distcc were solved.
It's now possible to use the sun linker (as opposed to gnu), and
to compile C files.
Shared libraries are now supported.
MSVC: Before resource files compilation, the setup script is invoked.
Options deprecated in 8.0 are not longer used.

The following bugs were fixed:

- The <unit-test> rule did not handle the <library> property
- Don't add "bin" to the build directory explicitly specified by the user.
- Allow <include-type> to select staged targets,
even with <traverse-dependencies>off.
- Includes for the form '# include <whatever>" did not work.
- (Qt) Add paths to all dependent libs to uic command
line, which helps if the UI files uses plugins.
- Using <toolset-msvc:version>xxx in requirements was broken.
- Error message printed when target can be found is much more clear.
- Inline targets in sources of 'stage' did not work.
- Don't produce 'independent target' warnings on Windows
- (gcc) The <link-runtime>static did not work.
- (gcc) Suppress warnings from the 'ar' tool on some systems.
- (gcc) Don't try to set soname on NT.

Developer visible changes:

- Generator priorities are gone, explicit overrides are used.
- 'Active' features were removed

Thanks to Christopher Currie, Pedro Ferreira, Philipp Frauenfelder,
Andre Hentz, Jurgen Hunold, Toon Knapen, Alexey Pakhunov, Brock Peabody,
Michael Stevens and Zbynek Winkler who contributed code to this release.


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