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From: Mal Cifuentes (malcolm_cifuentes_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-01-23 11:06:41

"Vladimir Prus" <ghost_at_[hidden]> wrote in message
> Hi Malcolm Cifuentes wrote:
>> I am trying to build a static library using Borland and the
>> *wonderful* tool tlib.
>> Has any one managed to get this to work?
> In last, release, most tests passed with borland, suggesting that tlib
> something works.
I downloaded latest release of bjam, and executed the tests on a clean
XP, BB6, Python 2.2
The tests failed miserably. Probably because they seem to want to run with
g++ and not the borland tool set.
I executed the tests as described in the readme.txt file.
The first few lines of the test output were as follows:
skipping railsys test since QTDIR environment variable is unset
Note: skipping extra tests
unit_tests : PASSED
module_actions : PASSED
startup_v1 : PASSED
startup_v2 : PASSED
core_d12 : PASSED
core_typecheck : PASSED
core_delete_module : PASSED
core_varnames : PASSED
core_import_module : PASSED
project_test3 : File bin/gcc/debug/a.obj not added as expected
-------- all changes caused by last build command ----------
Added files : ['lib/bin/gcc/debug/b.obj.o', 'lib/bin/gcc/debug/m.exe.exe',
'lib2/helper/bin/gcc/debug/e.obj.o', 'lib2/bin/gcc/debug/c.obj.o',
'lib2/bin/gcc/debug/d.obj.o', 'lib2/bin/gcc/debug/l.exe.exe',
'lib3/bin/gcc/debug/f.obj.o', 'bin/gcc/debug/a.exe.exe',
Removed files : []
Modified files: []
Touched files : []
STDOUT ============

STDERR ============

END ===============
Did I do something wrong?
Should the tests be trying to use gcc?

Executing example/libraries produced the following error (tlib fails):
cd c:\boost-build\example\libraries
..\..\jam_src\bin.ntx86\bjam.exe link=static --exe

...found 22 targets...
...updating 4 targets...
borland.archive lib1\bin\borland\debug\link-static\lib1.lib
TLIB 4.5 Copyright (c) 1987, 1999 Inprise Corporation
Warning: unknown command line switch 'b' ignored

Error: unexpected char 'i' in command line

"C:\Program Files\Borland\CBuilder6/bin/tlib" /u /a /C

...failed borland.archive lib1\bin\borland\debug\link-static\lib1.lib...
...skipped <papp\bin\borland\debug\link-static-rsp>app.rsp for lack of
...skipped <papp\bin\borland\debug\link-static>app.exe for lack of
...skipped <papp\bin\borland\debug\link-static>app.rsp for lack of
...failed updating 1 target...
...skipped 3 targets...

>> It would seem that trying to pass a directory with a - (i.e.
>> bin/Borland/debug/link-static/Blah.lib) in the library name causes a
>> problem for tlib. This is regardless of the type of environment (cygwin
>> or dos).
> Strange, some tests create path with "link-static" in it.
I'm baffled. I would like to get to the bottom of this, can you show me the
command that is executed, and its output.

>> Having said that, upon further investigation in borland.jam there
>> appears to be a work around in place. When using CYGWIN a function is
>> defined to create a temporary batch file to execute the tlib command.
> The comment there states the problem only occurs when invoking tlib from
> bash.
> Is that what you're doing?
no-I started using cygwin(zsh), then rolled back to cmd.exe when it failed.
What was interesting about

>> First off this work around is not activated on my system because cygwin
>> is reported as NT CYGWIN and not CYGWIN and secondly when the function
>> is activated the batch file does not work.
> I supposed cygwin is a bit under-tested in general.
>> I can't get tlib to work in any configuration with the previously
>> mentioned directory structure so I don't think it is a shell related
>> issue.
>> I can think of only two solutions to this problem:
>> 1. execute tlib from with in the lib directory (maybe this is what the
>> batch file is trying to achieve) - currently what I am doing!
>> 2. change the directory structure so there is no dash, which I would
>> love to know how to do for other reasons.
> Can you explain the other reasons? Do you mean changing the dash with,
> say,
> '=', or something else?
1. would pefer to use an underscore (_) - not a reason, just a gripe:)
2. it would be nice to be able to change the structure to reflect other
structures that people are used to. No idea how this would be done in bjam
without the use of partial variable instantiation:)
3. I would like to be able to add more structure (trace, code_guard),
Apoligies if this is in the doco, i havn't focused on this aspect of
bbuild, I'm still trying to come to grips with linking:)

I have provided a patch for borland.jam, log could be:
1. simplifies link action to one function regardless of the users
enviornment (i.e. cygwin or nt)
2. removed issue where -static in library path was confusing tlib and
causing an error
3. increased the library page file size to something more reasonable

I know issue 2 above is contentious at the moment:) Issue 1 is a step in
the right direction regardless:)
If the patch is inadequate or poorly created please clue me in. I couldn't
get access to the cvs repository so i patched against a nightly build

> - Volodya
> Yahoo! Groups Links

begin 666 borland.jam.patch
M+2TM(&)O<FQA;F0N:F%M"3(P,#4M,#$M,C(@,#,Z,#0Z,C(N,# P,# P,# P
M("LP.# P"BLK*R!N97<O8F]R;&%N9"YJ86T),C P-2TP,2TR,R R,#HR-SHS
M-2XR.38X-S4P,# @*S X,# *0$ @+3$T-"PS,R K,30T+#(T($! "B C(%1H
M960@=&\@:6YV;VME(&EM<&QI8BX*( H_at_9FQA9W,@8F]R;&%N9"YA<F-H:79E
M($%23U!424].4R \87)C:&EV969L86=S/B ["BL*(",@1&5C;&%R92!A8W1I
M(R!S:6YC92!I="=S(&AA<F0@=&\@9V5T("(K+2(@=&AE<F4N"B C($-/3E-)
M8VAD:7(@=&\@9V5T(&%R;W5N9" G+2<@:6X@;&EB<F%R>2!P871H(&-O;F9U
M92!D;R!N;W0@:&%V92!T;R!C86QL('1L:6(@=VET:"!A;B!E>'!L:6-I= HK
M;W0@;F5E9"!T;R!S970@=&AE('!A=&@@870_at_86QL(&)U= HK(R!P<F5V:6]U
M8V5M96%L(&%R8VAI=F4*('L@"BT@(" @(B0H+G)O;W0I=&QI8B(@)"A!4D]0
M5$E/3E,I("]U("]A("]#("(D*#PZ5RDB("LM(B0H/CI7*2(**R @("!C:&1I
M<B D*#PZ1"D**R @(" D*"YS970M<&%T:"DD*"YR;V]T.E<I)"@N;VQD+7!A
M/#I3*2 K+20H/CI"*20H/CI3*0H@?0H@"BT*+6EF(%L@;W,N;F%M92!=(#T@
M0UE'5TE."BU["BT@(" @+G-E="UP871H(#T@(F-M9" O4R O0R!S970_at_7")0
M051(/2(@.PHM(" @("YO;&0M<&%T:" ]("([)5!!5$@E7"(@7"(F)EPB(B [
M"BT*+2 @(" C($-O=6QD;B=T(&=E="!43$E"('1O('-T;W @8F5I;F<@8V]N
M9G5S960_at_86)O=70@<&%T:&YA;65S"BT@(" @(R!C;VYT86EN:6YG(&1A<VAE
M<R H:70@<V5E;65D('1O('1R96%T('1H96T_at_87,@;W!T:6]N('-E<&%R871O
M<G,*+2 @(" C('=H96X@<&%S<V5D('1H<F]U9V@@9G)O;2!B87-H*2P@<V\@
M=V4_at_97AP;&EC:71L>2!W<FET92!T:&4*+2 @(" C(&-O;6UA;F0@:6YT;R!A
M("YB870_at_9FEL92!A;F0_at_97AE8W5T92!T:&%T+B @5$Q)0B!I<R!A;'-O(&9I
M;FEC:WD*+2 @(" C(&%B;W5T('!A=&AN86UE('-T>6QE(2!&;W)W87)D('-L
M87-H97,L('1O;RP_at_87)E('1R96%T960_at_87,*+2 @(" C(&]P=&EO;G,N"BT@
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M"BT@(" @?0HM?0HM96QS92!I9B!;(&]S+FYA;64_at_72 ]($Y4"BLC($-/3E-)
M;&5A=F4@:70@=&\@82 **R,@8G)A=F5R(&EN9&EV:61U86PN"BMI9B!;(&]S
M+FYA;64_at_72 ]($Y4"B!["B @(" @+G-E="UP871H(#T@(G-E="!<(E!!5$@]
M(B ["B @(" @+F]L9"UP871H(#T@(CLE4$%42"5<(@I 0" M,3_at_T+#<@*S$W
M-2PV($! "B @(" @(" B(#L*('T*( HM"B!R=6QE(&QI;FL@*"!T87)G971S
M("L_at_.B!S;W5R8V5S("H_at_.B!P<F]P97)T:65S("H@*0H@>PH@(" @(&-O;6UO
M;BYR97-P;VYS92UF:6QE("0H=&%R9V5T<RD_at_.B D*'-O=7)C97,I(#H@)"AT
,87)G971S6S)=*2 *


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