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From: Rene Rivera (grafikrobot_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-10-07 17:43:56

Vladimir Prus wrote:
> Then it's probably some Windows-specific issue with search paths. For a
> start, can you create test/test-config.jam and add
> using gcc ;
> there? If that works out, and there are no further issues, we can
> investigate why your user-config.jam is not found.

With a partial test-config.jam (I copied the user-config and commented
out stuff until it worked) I get farther...

=== test-config.jam
import toolset : using ;
using msvc : all ;
using gcc : 3.4.5 : C:/MinGW/bin/g++.exe ;

grafik_at_KLUDGE /c/DevRoots/Boost/boost/tools/build/v2/test
$ python
File bin/gcc/debug/a.o not added as expected
-------- all changes caused by last build command ----------
Added files : ['lib/bin/gcc-3.4.5/debug/c.o',
'lib/bin/gcc-3.4.5/debug/libauxilliary.a', 'bin/gcc-3.4.5/debug/a.exe',
'bin/gcc-3.4.5/debug/a.o', 'bin/gcc-3.4.5/debug/b.o',
'bin/gcc-3.4.5/debug/c.cpp', 'bin/gcc-3.4.5/debug/c.h',
'bin/gcc-3.4.5/debug/c.o', 'bin/gcc-3.4.5/debug/d_lexer.cpp',
'bin/gcc-3.4.5/debug/d_lexer.dlp', 'bin/gcc-3.4.5/debug/d_lexer.o',
'bin/gcc-3.4.5/debug/d_parser.cpp', 'bin/gcc-3.4.5/debug/d_parser.h',
'bin/gcc-3.4.5/debug/d_parser.lr0', 'bin/gcc-3.4.5/debug/d_parser.o',
'bin/gcc-3.4.5/debug/d_parser_symbols.h', 'bin/gcc-3.4.5/debug/e.exe',
'bin/gcc-3.4.5/debug/e.marked_cpp', 'bin/gcc-3.4.5/debug/e.o',
'bin/gcc-3.4.5/debug/e.positions', 'bin/gcc-3.4.5/debug/e.target_cpp',
'bin/gcc-3.4.5/debug/f.exe', 'bin/gcc-3.4.5/debug/obj_1.o',
'bin/gcc-3.4.5/debug/obj_2.o', 'bin/gcc-3.4.5/debug/x.c',
'bin/gcc-3.4.5/debug/x.o', 'bin/gcc-3.4.5/debug/y.cpp',
'bin/gcc-3.4.5/debug/y.o', 'bin/gcc-3.4.5/debug/y.x1',
Removed files : []
Modified files: []
Touched files : []
STDOUT ============
"WD consuming" d.wd
"Whale consuming " bin\gcc-3.4.5\debug\d_parser.whl
"Dolphin consuming" bin\gcc-3.4.5\debug\d_lexer.dlp
"X_PRO: source is " y.x_pro
"X: source is " bin\gcc-3.4.5\debug\y.x1 bin\gcc-3.4.5\debug\y.x2
"CPP-MARK consuming " e.cpp
"NM target source consuming " bin\gcc-3.4.5\debug\e.marked_cpp

STDERR ============

END ===============
FAILED test of
-sBOOST_BUILD_PATH=c:\DevRoots\Boost\boost\tools\build\v2\test -d0 --quiet
         at line 391 of
c:\DevRoots\Boost\boost\tools\build\v2\test\ (fail_test)
         from line 405 of
c:\DevRoots\Boost\boost\tools\build\v2\test\ (expect_addition)
         from line 11 of

in directory: c:\docume~1\grafik\locals~1\temp\tmpivbv8-

Is there a way to have it *not* use the bjam versions built inside the
boost tree (jam/src/bin*/bjam)? Frequently I'm working on those builds,
and hence are neither up to date nor stable. I'd rather that it used the
bjam in my path.

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