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From: Mat Marcus (mat-lists_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-04-14 17:58:35

On Mon, Apr 14, 2008 at 2:25 PM, Roland Schwarz
<roland.schwarz_at_[hidden]> wrote:
> Mat Marcus wrote:
> > No. I'm just trying to build applications that use boost threads using
> > gcc and an msvc-built bjam on windows with boost 1.35.0 as I did with
> > 1.34.1. I was not using, nor am I currently interested in using,
> > anything from mingw.
> Sorry can't understand this one. I was under the impression you are
> using the mingw compiler. Not?

No. As I explained earlier in the thread I use

cygwin bash shell and other cygwin tools
cmd shell
msvc-built built bjam
gcc-3.4 (from cygwin distribution)
gcc-4.2.0 (hand built)
gcc-svn (actually concept gcc...hand built)

My user-config.jam currently contains:

import toolset : using ;

using msvc : 9.0 : "C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Visual Studio
9.0\\VC\\bin\\cl.exe" ;
using msvc : 8.0 : "C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Visual Studio
8\\VC\\bin\\cl.exe" ;

# using gcc : 3.4.4 ;
using gcc : 4.2.0 : /opt/gcc-4.2.0/bin/g++.exe ;
using gcc : svn : /opt/conceptgcc-svn/bin/conceptg++.exe ;

In versions of boost prior to 1.35.0, I was able to build 6 targets in
Jamfiles for own applications and unit tests (all depend on boost)
with the following command line:

  bjam debug release gcc-4.2.0 msvc-8.0 msvc-9.0

>From either the cygwin bash shell or the cmd shell. I was able to run
the resulting artifacts under the cygwin shell or the cmd shell. In
the version of 1.35.0 I cannot even build with the command

  bjam gcc-4.2.0

as the thread library and/or bjam seems to have become confused about
my unchanged configuration. I consider this a loss of functionality
since 1.34.1 and I am trying to restore this functionality. I can see
several possibilities:

1) This functionality was inadvertently lost, perhaps due to bugs in
boost thread or in the boost build system, or in some combination
2) This functionality was deemed undesirable
3) This functionality was traded away in favor of something else.

If 2 or 3 is the case, I missed the discussion. Could someone please
infrom me of the rationale?

So far you have:
1) asked me whether I can build hello world
2) asked me to repeat what I have written earlier in the thread
3) suggested that what I want to do, and was able to do in 1.34.1, is
cross-compilation and therefore an unreasonable thing to ask for
4) asked me further questions about my build configuration
5) suggested that I need to use <flavor>mingw in my user-config.jam
6) asked anthony not to fix what he might have regarded as a bug in
his thread jamfile without talking to you first

I haven't found them to be very helpful so far. I understand that
tools may primarily support use cases other than my own. But when
replying to me, please also consider this use case that was formerly
supported. Reading between the lines, it sounds like some flexibility
was added to the boost build system to better support mingw users. If
so, great. My question is, what must I do to restore the ability to
use the following command line in 1.35.0:

   bjam debug release gcc-4.2.0 msvc-8.0 msvc-9.0

If it is necessary to ad something to my user-config.jam line for
gcc-4.2.0, then so be it. Are there release notes explaining the
changes since 1.34.1 that indicate what I must do? The changes that
Anthony suggested did not seem to have any effect in the
user-config.jam. That is:

  using gcc : 4.2.0 : /opt/gcc-4.2.0/bin/g++.exe : <target-os>cygwin
<theadapi>pthread ;

did not work. Those options only seemed to work when passed in on the
command line.

 - Mat

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