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From: Tavares, Pedro \(London\) (pedro_tavares_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-06-23 04:19:40

The default build for stlport builds all static or all dynamic versions.
So the error I get from the auto link may in fact refer to mixing dlls
with static runtime as you suggest (thanks for the warning). It is
simple enough to build static stlport libs with dll runtime but I
remember seeing a note elsewhere in these lists stating that
doesn't know about these versions. Unfortunately, and given your info,
this is ideally is what I should be trying to do. So enabling this build
method will be tricky unless I tinker with the insides of the stlport
aware components in boost and that will probably take me some time to
get to.

If I may make a suggestion to the developers, it would be
useful to have an feature to control which version of stlport is linked
in. Maybe <stlport-link> taking values of "static-rtlstatic",
"static-rtlshared" and "shared-rtlshared". Respectively these would link
to the "static", "staticx" and shared versions of the stlport library.


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On Sunday 22 June 2008 12:33:38 Tavares, Pedro (London) wrote:
> Thanks Volodya,
> I came across <native-wchar_t> in several posts in this mailing list -
> probably it applies to older versions of the build environment. I now
> rebuilt STLport with wchar support and boost builds fine (although I
> still need to test it all the versions are created - you are of course
> correct about the missing symbols in the static libs but I'm not using
> wchars in my own apps so the problem didn't arise with those).

Okay, enabling native wchar_t for stlport compilation seems even better.

> Finally on the "being forced at gun point feature". The auto-link
> feature actually fails the build if I use boost static boost and
> libs when building a dll with msvc 7.1.

As in, you get an error from autolink headers?

> So unless I turn auto link off I
> can't actually use static libs. Now, even if I turn off auto link or
> disable the test in the header file, I'm left wondering why the writer
> of this file would have considered this to be a significant problem...
> (I guess too many hours trying to discover runtime problems that in
> end prove to be related to arcane memory options in linked in
> have made me paranoid!). What do you think?

I don't know why specifically building dll with static stlport is
I know that dll with static C runtime is considered risky, since then
dll will have it's own copy of important data structures, such as memory
On windows, such dlls can work, but require special care. On Linux, I'm
aware of any linker magic to even create such dlls. Probably, some such
issues are present with stlport too -- say, if some allocator objects
are global.

I suspect that if we're down to a specific question "why autolink
dll + static sltport combination", then folks at boost_at_[hidden]
list might have a better chance of knowing.

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